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  1. do click on the report post when you see one. the moderators have full-time jobs and cannot be policing the forums all the time. Thank you!
  2. i'd be honest with you, if you need to ask these questions, you don't know what is required to open a workshop.
  3. please include price in your sales post or it will be removed as per Garage Sales Rules. PaLmEr SBF Moderator
  4. anyone has one to spare? need it to do some development work
  5. Via Highway SG - KL (E2) 310KM KLIA - 60KM KLIA - Kuantan 240KM Kuantan - Kuala Barang - 250KM Via Segamat SG - Kuantan 350KM Kuantan - Kuala Barang - 250KM Approximate figures.
  6. Guys. kindly avoid any form of flame war or personal attacks. PaLmEr Moderator SingaporeBikes.Com
  7. On Behalf of SBF Moderators & Event Organising Commitee, A Big Thank you to all Fazer riders who made the effort to attend the SBF 9th Anniversary Event! Without you guys, the event would not have happened! Feedback whether positive or negative is welcome! Please post in SBF Anniversary Section for feedback. PaLmEr SBF Naked Bikes Moderator
  8. For those with queries whether you must be at Scape in person for claiming of lucky draw prizes, the answer is YES. In person with NRIC
  9. Wash the bike at the event itself. Charity bike wash there too
  10. PR2 FTW. Do try the 180 for the rear if you want faster turn in.
  11. Post: Camouflage Goretex Jacket User: GangBang Infraction: SBF Garage Sales Act: 2 (d) (vii) - SAF/SPF/SCDF Standard Issue Item Illegal Sale Points: 0 Administrative Note: Message to User: Original Post:
  12. To All Users: Please DO NOT Spam my visitor messages with requests to close threads/remove posts or why you cannot create a new thread in Garage Sales.

    The sticky threads in Garage Sales section is created for this exact purpose.

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    For More Information, Click Here
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    http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-snc4/hs167.ash2/41595_136709609689807_1318_n.jpg 3 Nation Charity Ride (3NCR) Date : 1 to 3 Oct 10 Time : 1 Oct, 12.00pm to 3 Oct, 12.00pm Venue : Hatyai, Thailand 3NCR10 host by Team Hanuman, Thailand. Event participation fee $75 per person include 2 T-shirts, 1 Event sticker, Lunch & Official Dinner on 2nd Oct. Download registration form from http://www.3nationcharityride.com.
  15. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=219084
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    [Ride] Hat Yai Bike Week 2009 (3rd - 5th July 2009)
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  18. until
    Super Import Nights is returning with a bigger and better line-up of heavily modified performance cars, pimped up rides, exotic super cars, a huge display of performance parts and accessories and cool new rides. Also featured at the show will be the finals for the Autostyling showdown, a DJ Battle, hot import babes and not forgetting drift and stunt shows. Make a date with us for Super Import Nights 2008 - The Ultimate Motorshow, happening from September 18 to 21 at Singapore Expo. http://www.superimportnights.com/popup.htm?images/flyer.jpg http://www.superimportnights.com/popup.ht
  19. Nanas, Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary is an animal sanctuary for abandoned dogs and cats. Retired race horses are placed there too. Animal lovers will be pleased to see plentiful dogs running freely in vast greenery. Herewith some pics from our past visit: http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b370/shirsiak/nanas1.jpghttp://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b370/shirsiak/nanas2.jpghttp://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b370/shirsiak/nanas3.jpghttp://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b370/shirsiak/nanas4.jpghttp://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b370/shirsiak/nanas5.jpg If you want to know more about Nanas
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