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  1. Hey guys, intend to let go my R1 with a heavy heart due to change of interest and commitment. Intend to downgrade to a 2B or 2A scooter. Pls see details/ carousel post from the below link. Thanks! COE till end Feb 2024, another good 5years and 1 month to go. Bike is well maintained and in good condition. Wear and tear parts were replaced around 6 months ago. List of wear and tear parts that were replaced are: - Starter motor, Ignition coil - Fuel pump - Tyres - Chain and Sprockets - Brake pads Reason for selling is due to commitment and change of interest. Intend to downgrade to
  2. For info, checked with owner and the bike is sold.
  3. Sorry bro, not sure for 2017. Lot's of people go to TKM though it's not a place I'd recommend.
  4. Ups~ price is negotiable for sincere buyers. One of the cheaper and equipped with accessories deals you can get!
  5. Just wondering what does a tyre repair kit consist of? How you repair your tyre?
  6. Hahaha tbh I think riding your own bike is much safer than being a pillion lor.
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