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  1. I see. Thank you. I saw this Carousell but seller did not put a price nor answer my queries
  2. Had stopped riding for almost a decade due to driving. Now no more car and thinking of getting a bike for daily commute. Happen to spot this bike probably a Thailand made cafe racer. Made me drool until saliva wet the carpet... Can any kind soul advise me or point me to the right place to find this chiobu? Many thanks in advance.
  3. hi interest in your scot oiler how much is your best price as i still need to pay workshop to fix the scot oiler. Do drop me a call at 90625058.


    Looking at around 80 bucks.






  4. At basement. It was placed in one of the rack together with all the diff crash bar. U might wanna hunt for it again.
  5. Bro, still looking for your crash bar? I went down to motoworld yesterday and I saw one crash bar there label as XJR crash bar for $80. Maybe u want to check again with them.
  6. But mine is a 3yrs old bike tat I had brought. Do u think i need to do some kind of servicing? I'm not so familiar what to do? I just pump up my bike full tank last nite at JB. Will try to monitor again. But if really my bike is still so thirsty, wat shld i do har?
  7. Hw abt tank bra? And rear hugger and belly pan... etc.. Do u have any idea? Appreciate yr kind help as I'm very new to XJR. My consumption is only abt 250 for full tank. Think it is very high. Do u think so?
  8. Just brought a XJR few days ago. Any old bird wanna share anything abt this bike with me? LIke maintenance? Common problems of the bike? Where to sell accessories. It seem very hard to find for eg.. Tank bra.
  9. I'm looking for a black / red M400. The best is with big bore kit. Anyone selling their bike?
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