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  1. Dear classic and vintage bike owners please help me out with this one... Which bike shop specializes in overhauling old bike engines? I have a 1993 cb750 that has a timing chain rattle.. I would like to restore the bike to its former glory. Any tips and tricks in maintaining old bikes? I seem to have a problem sourcing for its mainstand too. Where do I look for parts? I'm a newbie to this old bike restoration thing.
  2. how much you willing to trade with FBD YBR125?

  3. Anyone here riding the w800? How is the reliability like? How is it like to own? Because all the reviews I've read online are by bike magazine testers. Really love the styling and look of the bike. I'm planning to get a bike that is not covered in plastic everywhere and with some character. IMHO Modern bikes are awesome in terms of performance but they just lack soul..
  4. Anyone know how much is a new W800 OTR ? Looi only bringing in the special edition model.. But I looking for the nice dark green and chrome..
  5. Limhg

    Will contact u by whatsapp if have impromptu activities

  6. Oh! Tell me where to get it done in sg! its so hard on the engine with the restricted exhaust. And how do you remove the rust on our exhaust. The china made metal rust super crazy. It'll be cool to have a ride session with all the YBRs. Is that a Cagiva Mito in your picture?
  7. Its what people call tong pipe? You went to JB to do? I want more top end power for it. Always cruise at 80 at expressways, worried to cross the 7k rpm mark. Engine struggling. How much to get it done?
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