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  1. RIP fellow rider.

  2. Rip.............

  3. RIP Friend.... You'll be missed...

  4. So, did any of u win the lucky draw?
  5. 28th Dec (Tuesday) crashed with my Fazer kopi session!
  6. 28th Dec (Tuesday) crashed with my Fazer kopi session!
  7. Hey bro. im interested in getting one set of the Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth headset. where would be the collection location? mine smsing me the details at 81862534? thanks bro

  8. my Touch-Dual bo WiFi one... had to depend on HSPDA (which is crappy too)
  9. veri good cam, but too thick for mi..
  10. i second that, it's on my list too. now just wondering should i change both front & rear or onli the front? Money NO PROBLEM, problem no money...!!!
  11. so? there's a FZ6 with the number 90 in my carpark.
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