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  1. Its 700+ for cl4 and another 700+ for cl5 ... fail hv to retake and an additional 200 ~ 300 +
  2. Especially the rear wheel mounting the curb if turn too early.
  3. I think most of us are riding K3/4. Meaning its 5 to 6 yrs old ...
  4. 7K rpm at what speed ? usually i'll be near or more 100km/h at at rpm.
  5. Cable to open seat ?? Who did it for u ?
  6. On the left Aft side, there is a black colour knob. Play around with it. No, you cant adjust the height and the burgman is really that low.
  7. I dont check engine oil... Just change ... best is to check EO on cold engine. Yes. Its the same type of oil.
  8. Slightly more expensive -> Yes . Wait 1 -2 mths for normal wear and tear part -> No. But some other parts you can wait and wait and wait and the parts still wouldnt come.
  9. Welcome Not tat bad considering my bike is 5 yr old liao
  10. Boss, I'm just a poor worker leh how to afford such a bike.
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