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  1. Thanks for your suggestion, will check it out
  2. I have the following to let go, kept in storeroom, bike is long gone Front & rear brake pad kit for Harley Road King / glides Harley twin cam88 oil filter Harley metal sculpture Harley original twincam88 oil filter wrench tool Harley road king exhaust gasket EBC Brakes FA261HH Disc Brake Pad Set (ST11, VFR800 etc) Make me any offer. No offer is too ridiculous. First come first served. Harley stuff - one batch EBC brake pads - one batch Not letting go individually, if you take all lagi best 94556181 - text only dont call
  3. Hi, Can anyone advise what are the recommended 400cc bikes now with automatic transmission, ie similar to scooters? Will consider all kinds. To be used for commuting, thanks.
  4. Hi, my bike has been sold, thank you for your interest!
  5. Hey buddies, I'm selling my bike. It's a good one, so if you know anyone who's interested, please get them to whatsapp. https://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/514591-***-Great-Condition-2001-ST1100Y-For-Sale-***?p=8461297#post8461297
  6. About the Bike: When I was shopping for an ST1100, I searched for 5 months before I found this gem. I think I viewed about 6 others before it. Still remember my excitement and rushing to get cash to place a deposit for it quickly, because I knew it would be snatched up if I didn't. The overall mechanical condition of this bike is superb for its age. It just feels beautiful. The engine is butter smooth, and cruising at 120-130km/h on it feels like 70km/h on other bikes I've owned, not just because of the super smooth V4 engine, but also the great wind protection. I have not had a single iss
  7. I got an idea to save space. Get one of those screwdrivers with swappable heads which is stored in the handle itself. Most come with a range of Phillips head (#2 and #3 should be most commonly used) and flat heads, and also hex heads (#4-#6 most common). That should cover a lot of bases. Then instead of wrenches, I think I can save space by keeping a simple 3/8" dr ratchet handle with a variety of commonly used socket sizes. 8, 10, 12, 14, and one long socket for the spark plugs, and one extension. One small to medium sized adjustable wrench and a pair of pliers should top it up.
  8. haha..you're not the only one with this problem. I also have multiple sets of many things because of my messiness....
  9. Thanks yeukeong. I'll try to look for it at Sim Lim. If can't find I'll contact you.
  10. Hi guys, thanks for the help. It's for a screw for the windscreen. One of them is missing a plastic washer, and most of them are missing the rubber washer. I know that if I try to get it from Honda, it's going to cost a ridiculous amount of money. So I'm trying to see if can get it from other sources first.
  11. check the easy stuff first. check the bulb is not blown, and check the fuse. beyond that, you'll need a wiring diagram and a multimeter to trace the problem.
  12. Hi Does anyone know where in Singapore I can get rubber and plastic washers? They look like normal washers but are made of plastic and rubber. Thanks.
  13. Just an update for anyone who might be interested. I called Homely and only the Ubi branch carried them. I think it was $25, and it's made in China. So I went down to the place that Phang recommended, and took a look. They recommended me a simple Mitutoyo micrometer, and I got a shock when I heard the price. Only $45, after GST about $48. That's really cheap for a Mitutoyo so I grabbed it. Very happy with the purchase.
  14. I ordered a kit online, highly recommended by a fellow rider on a US forum. And it didn't cost too much. I saw the videos and this stuff looks amazing. I'm going to try it out over the weekend. Btw, the set I got was the "Mini master kit". What the website didn't say was this, might be of interest if you plan on getting it: Black: contains graphite, carbon fibre. High strength properties, good heat resistance White: Best adhesion for general plastic repairs Clear: For transparent and general repairs I thought they were all the same, except for colour. There's even a reusable mouldi
  15. Thank you vfrT. I didn't think of Homely! I'll call and ask on Monday if the branch near my place at Serangoon has them also. Btw, I also found them on RS-online for anyone that's interested. The cheapest is about $40.
  16. Ah, thanks Phang. That's very helpful, I'll go have a look. gohjohan, I have a pair of vernier calipers, but the shims for my bike go in increments of 0.025 so I don't think the VC can measure it. But thanks for the recommendation.
  17. Hello fellow DIY-ers, Does anyone know of a shop to buy a reasonably good micrometer? Looking for something reasonably accurate (Japanese, US or European brand preferred, but will consider high quality Taiwanese too) and not too expensive. Looking at getting one that can measure 1 - 3 inches hopefully. Thanks.
  18. Hi, Sorry to revive an old thread, but I'm interested to get this bike. I read on the iPCRC site that parts are hard to get, and some parts like the axle and side covers are almost impossible to get. Could ex-owners share what the parts availability is really like in S'pore for this bike? Thanks.
  19. Hi, Sorry to revive an old thread, but I'm interested to get this bike. I read on the iPCRC site that parts are hard to get, and some parts like the axle and side covers are almost impossible to get. Could ex-owners share what the parts availability is really like in S'pore for this bike? Thanks.
  20. Forgot to mention one more thing about Zanotti, once they sent me 2 wrong items, I just had to email them and send the parts back, and they refunded me the shipping price + the price of the items they charged wrongly. How to find this kind of service locally?
  21. Hi guys, If you're riding a harley and want to buy parts (and can wait), you can save a lot of money by purchasing from the US. I did a very thorough research on companies shipping parts to S'pore, price, customer service, knowledge, and I've found Zanotti motor to be the best. You can see their website here : http://www.zanottimotor.com, the parts guy is John. Even with air-freight charges, many of the parts I buy are 1/2 the price (or even less) of what its retailing for in S'pore. You're getting very badly ripped off if you buy your parts locally, some items sell for 2x - 3x the
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