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  1. Hi Bro,


    Check with you did your bike shop install the box bracket?

  2. IIRC = If I Remember Correctly. Ppl who attended ramsnake firestation seany bloodychamp binteng myself and lurker jeremiah >. except for jeremiah and ramsnake who have to leave us slightly earlier, the rest of us went for a mini rounding trip. from ECP - TPE - SLE Exit Jalan kayu, go yishun dam chill a short while before heading home at about 3+am.
  3. If anyone Going outing n see this post, pls call me
  4. if u not that big size (me) 7-8k on a correct gear shld get u to 90, no? mine is 1st
  5. stick to owner's manual =) gratz on being able to go 90kph keke
  6. sat i will be out the whole day leh lucky got box hahaha morning work, after lunch go east coast fix thing, then taman jurong for bowling, then ECP for the meetup. i bringing around 2 t-shirt out lols... oh ya, anyone pays installment to CKA? i wondering the AXS option still available? if yes, choose wad options ar?
  7. 9 + 1hr plus = 10 plus... how come is 12plus?
  8. Date: 9 July 2011, Saturday Time: 10:30pm Venue: Playground @ Big Splash (look for carpark entrance next to Starbucks) Map: look here Participants: 1) ramsnake 2) bloodychamp 3) binteng (dont need ask de, cfm will come) 4) guiderer 5) 6) 7) 8) Note: Keep the list going. Click on "Reply with Quote". In the reply box, add your nick. Then delete "QUOTE" boxes at beginning and end of message. Post reply.
  9. count down to? payday and RWR?
  10. last few known 2nd hand rwr goes from 5.5 to 6.8, around that region.
  11. yours is used bike, i'm not sure, have to wait for senior's reply. mine(newbike) is currently changed every servicing. (500,1500,3000)
  12. it definitely isnt too low, in fact, it should be on a high side (from wad i see from the seniors post)
  13. thanks for replying lightless09 gd luck for ur 3.01 and TP~
  14. so roystan, ur baby is out le? thats wad i do lo, once starts flash = ride to nearest food stn for bike =X
  15. time to visit petrol station when your fuel indicator starts flashing (at least thats what i do) dun worry about being slow, cuz i am slow too, i think the seniors here all quite fast =X so we wait till foxin gets his ride, then he organize one trip for us, on?
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