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  1. Woah, no joke???? whats ur ave speed travelling bro?
  2. I 2nd tt bro! Fast bikes not necessary to be ridden fast at all times. Bet what matters is more to the beauty looks of this machine.
  3. Found a good deal, but making me think twice regarding the parts from oversea....
  4. Just got to know parts are from Spain if im not wrong? Oh my..
  5. Gonna survey on to bike prod. n some shops at bukit merah lane for the new vara. ! Wonder how much will it cost!
  6. Just to share http://www.motoden.com/acatalog/2011_Honda_Varadero_125.html
  7. Saw a guy riding a FBF all black vara 125. Soooo NICE! n makes me might to get one! Anyone knows where can I get it brand new?
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