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  1. Here's the link to Taiwan site. The 3-wheeler is the TR3-150. Latest IME 150 3-wheeler not updated yet. http://navi.pgoscooter.com.tw:8009/english/index.asp
  2. Bro, ur m/cycle uses about 1L of engine oil for the engine cylinder or gearbox. TR3-150 use 0.8L of engine oil & about 0.5L of gear oil for the rear gearbox, & gearbox oil is thicker & cost more. Fully syn. E.O. should cost about $20+, gear oil should cost about $10+.
  3. ç¥ä½ æ–°å¹´å¿«ä¹, 你笑å£å¸¸é–‹, 你身体å¥åº·, 你財æºæ»¾æ»¾, 你万事如æ„, 你好我好,世界更好。:cheers:

  4. Brother, Happy Birthday to you.:cheers:

  5. testing testing

  6. Hi sir, a pleasant day to you..

    just wanna ask if there is a engine support bracket for gmax 200 in ur place?

  7. Bro, I tink the air hav to close abit.
  8. anybody interested in watching CJ7 tis coming friday ?
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