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  1. Make/Model: SUZUKI KATANA FH125M

    Colour: RED/SILVER

    Year of Manufacture: 2006

    COE Expiry: 10 OCT 2016

    Road Tax Expiry: 09 AUG 2014

    Inspection due: 09 FEB 2015

    Mileage: 66100

    No. of Owners: 2


    Asking Price: $2000 (Cash) Nego upon viewing

    Transfer fee: Pay by buyer


    Selling my bike as I am driving company vehicle. Engine condition is very good. There is an underseat compartment just like Honda Wave. Fuel consumption=40km/L. Currently use bike for running errands only, else is parked at car park. Interested buyers can contact me @ 96457667.





  2. FX plate nice condition WAVE 125 S FOR SALE Sports Rim model. Rear E33 Box.

    Fully stock with low mileage (72000km)

    Fully servicing done at Aug 2013. Fully syn. engine oil, NGK spark plug. Service carb.

    Well taken care of bike, ride to work & home about 10km daily. Giving up this reliable workhorse because company provide vehicle for me to drive home. Bike seldom use, so decided to sell.

    COE due Sep 2018

    Road Tax due on Mar 2014

    LTA transfer fee $11 buyer pay

    Selling at SGD $2600 neg upon viewing.

    Sms/ Watsapp. me @ 96457667.




  3. Congrats Ben on ur new ride. It is far better looking than the older model.

    It is possible to use some aftermarket upgrade parts for ur new ride cos, this new scooter is using the same engine as in the Kymco Downtown 300i (Nikita in Taiwan). Rollers, clutch, & even big bore kit.

  4. Problem?

    Does anyone experience juddering/jerking when moving off from about 20-30kmh with light throttle after just slowing down? What I mean is like slowing down from say 60kmh to about 20kmh then speeding up again slowly? Feels like the clutch is not engaging properly or slipping.....

    Anyone experience this?


    Have ur bike clutch shoes serviced. Problem will be solved.

    But the problem will come back again because of our start-stop traffic condition.


    There are a total of 3 pieces of clutch shoes in a set, when 1 is working slower than the others, jerking effects will start. It all happens in SG auto scooters with dry clutch CVT systems.


    Hope my info help u guys.



  5. Awesome Auto Scooter for a 200!!!

    Been riding around and I love it.

    Is this is GY6 engine?

    Wanted to change the rollers to sliding rollers like Dr Pulley.

    Any reviews on it here?


    Congrats bro of ur new ride & welcome to the family.

    I suppose u just bought the 1 in black color?


    No. 200cc version is not a GY6 engine family.


    Do drop by HQ, there are aftermarket rollers for sale. Eg. Dr Pulley etc...

  6. Is a PGO TR3 - 150 allowed to be ridden into Malaysia? Any problem to pass through Singapore and Malaysia Custom road that built for bike only? Thanks for the sharing...


    Hi, Yes. PGO TR3-150 is allowed to be ridden into Malaysia. 1st link better to use car lane, SG side is abit narrower, car lane is allowed for the TR3-150 & IME 150. 2nd link bike or car lanes no problem passing thru.

    Btw, PGO TR3-150 is an older model, the latest model is I ME 150 Wel Bike.

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