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  1. hi, i'm malaysian & want to ask you about rxk... is it rue rxk have full chain cover? because my friend use at his rxs, he say he bought from singapore?

  2. hi... so sorry for this EXTREMELY late reply... hehe its nice to see there are many ppl hu r interested in the 'veterens'. well after some research, there are a few 'groups' of old skool bikes. mine is under 'thoroughbred'... will put up the full group list when i have it. anyway i have changed my bike scheme to a military one. i did it myself. tell me wat you guys think.
  3. hmm.... its the way you do up the bike that makes it look vintage and old skool...
  4. I want to start a vintage bike meet up. i hope all those who own vintage bikes will join and we can discuss about our bikes. Btw my bike is 1983 yamaha rx-k. and i call her Ambellina. i will put up a picture of her as soon as i take one.
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