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  1. sory me still new abt this.. nt so sure what ur referring to.. error code is when the FI light appear rite? its done by short circuiting the ECU assembly under the seat or sumtin? TPS position i have no idea..
  2. ok broi..will check it up.. thanks!
  3. yeah..hmm..i should go check the clutch .. perhaps should do the bleeding.. have yet to do so since i gt the bike. ive already tried increasing the idling. But i dont prefer high idling coz the bike tends to get hot fast and i try not to get the fan on.. btw, whats ur idling rpm?? i noe its been discussed before but nt sure wats the optimal one...
  4. welcome scott..i agree abt those who drive carelessly..taxis and lady drivers..phew! Blind to all else that moves.. btw guys, juz curious..how many angmoh riding busa are there here??
  5. Compression and leak test?? Care to elaborate? How to go abt it? I intend to keep the bike for long term.. Guess u fork out abt 3k at least.. hmm..
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