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  1. Not all cars have OBDII connector. Then if the salesman is smart, he would have used a Scangauge to clear all error codes before you can plug your Scangauge in http://www.eastgear.com/scan-guage-ii.html
  2. You want a good mount, then it has to be Ram Mount and no others because even Touratech is selling it on their website http://www.touratech-usa.com/Store/2264/PN-GR62H/RAM-Handlebar-Mount-for-Garmin-62-62s-62st
  3. No such as thing as "back out of the situation". If the creditors cannot get the money from your brother, then they will go after the guarantor.
  4. Your thinking is logical but it never happens in realty. TS is probably riding a Class 2B bike, and battery capacity is 5Ah, a big scrambler like the DR650, battery is 8Ah, and a GS1200, battery is 12Ah. So there are also 5 feet asian with 1 foot willy. Free or not, you have to check yourself
  5. You can't possibly create a $4.5k damage without you knowing it. In the lawyer's letter, there must be some details on the date and place of incident.Try to recall if you are indeed somewhere else, like in school or at work where you can prove your present, then you are off the hook. Lately, so many cases of car with false registration plate, and you could be a victim of such fraud
  6. On a frequently used bike of small capacity (2b bikes), it is not unusual to strength it to 3 years. This is almost impossible on a car or class 2 bike because the battery needs to cope with the high load when turning the engine during starting. Anyway this poll is quite meaningless because it doesn't specify the type of battery. It is not equal to compare a lead acid with a sealed Maintenance free battery or AGM battery.
  7. MSM NT v5.07, released on 15 Jan 2011 http://www.malsingmaps.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=20375
  8. i think it's more like shroud than a fairing, so it is a simple mod and you should be able to pass inspection. Whether it will look nice is another matter. By looking nice, generally I mean it looks like it came from the factory
  9. if the bike only behaves abnormally under braking then it is very likely the problems lie with the braking system or at least start checking from there. From your description, it sounds like warp rotor aka brake disc.
  10. Rust is not a reversible process. That process can only treat surface rust. Overtime, the rust from within will spread to the surface. If your tank is rusty, there are two solutions : - buy a new tank - Keep your tank filled with petrol at all times, and installed a good fuel filter between the petcock and carb
  11. First of all, where, in Singapore, can you buy legally just the frame ? Yes, as long as you are using OEM parts, and no modifications to the frame and engine It is legal to re-engine a bike, ie. replace your stock engine with a similar one. But you cannot change the capacity of the engine and hope to register in a different vehicle class.
  12. Even on the most plush dirt bike fork suspension, you can still endo if you ride fast enough. There is no way we can comment on the state of your fork over the forum. Check with your friends if they are knowledgeable about bikes, otherwise, bring your bike to another bike shop for a second opinion.
  13. The weight of the oil will also determine firmness. But you use the word stiff and I use firm, so I am not even sure if we are talking about the same thing To able able to push the fork right down with just your body weight is definitely not right unless you weigh like Sheik Haikel. I am sure your fork had bottom out when riding fast over speed humps. However, it should not feel super hard for a bike like the YB125. I wouldn't know whether that is normal or not, it is best you test it with another YB125.
  14. these feelings are very subjective, and different types of bikes, track bike, to dirtbike have specific suspension requirements. Some forks are gas filled. So if you tell us what bike is that, the right answer will be more forthcoming. if before servicing your forks felt like pogo stick ie, no dampening, then after servicing, filled with the proper oil, then the fork will definitely feel firm as it has regained it's dampening property. Check with the mechanic, if they have done anything to the preload as that would have a direct impact on the firmness. The worst thing can ever happen is
  15. there are two separate threads on the Honda Varadero 125 in the "Bike Specs & Reviews", and General Section of the "SingaporeBikes•Scramblers".


    Can you consider combining these two threads.



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