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  1. hi, u added me as friends? have we met before?.... do msg or whatsapp me better. cause mostly not on SBF!!! CHEERS 92720009

  2. hi, u added me as ur friend, have we met before... what bike you riding????

    can msg or whatsapp me???....

  3. Very well said. There's only 12 units of 400 in Singapore, which 3 are already 'dysfunctional'.
  4. Okok tell us who this someone is. Hee... tell him to get mine.
  5. I do know there's Dynojet kit for the 650. For the 400, it is basically unheard of in Europe or America.
  6. Very difficult to help you, why not you make your way down some of those shops to find out more?
  7. Honda CX 500. V engine Looks good. Selling for bout 5k... pm me for details.
  8. Model CX 500 Honda Selling for a little more than 5k but negotiable
  9. There's this very old(AU plate I think) 500cc naked Honda at Soon Fah along Upp Changi Road opp Caltex station. Can go take a look. Seems pretty decent to me.
  10. People here might like this. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y192/brendanchin/081101side2.jpg
  11. Neo, Eh.... no no , I hasn't ride one before. Just love Dukes. Riding a WR 200 now, planning to upgrade to a monster, perharps a class 2 one. Got to bear with me, I'm new here....
  12. First, I'll like to say hi to everyone here, it's good to know that there are people in sg who like Dukes. Got into an accident a few months ago and still recovering. Initially thought I wouldn'd ride again, but about two weeks after the accident, while surfing the net at home, I chance upon this picture. This is it, I'm gonna ride again.
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