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  1. In the "older days", there were regular meetups b'cos there's always someone who's willing to make it happen.


    If no one is willing to step up and do some "sai kang" organising & gathering people together, then we will probably still see people asking for a meetup that will never happen.


    I can still remember the first meetups, I see 靓女 Turnip. I so :shy: and Jim Kor Kor, CS, EV, all so han-sum :cool: The awkward (but coincidental) circumstances that I met up with Uncle "HumSup-cum-LupSup" Bobo. Not forgetting 金童玉女, FloppyDisk + 9090. Fond memories with all those nights of fattening suppers, ice cream & hours spent watching people getting into (or trying to) accidents at the dam.


    Damn! I miss the gang! I wonder when got chance o meet up again :thumb:


    ok lor... after i get back my bike then we have a try out lor... bt u sure will there be any respond or not... wait end up oni the 2 of us... turnip oso nv log in liao... the rest of the guys oso seldom see them ard liao.


    hmm, i miss that too.:sian:

  2. He say you lup sup




    Simi uncle fleaz, si tang guo, say until I like very old. Yes, it's been ages since I last saw you. The last time I saw you was what? 3 years ago?



    Now she act cute use Hello Kitty, you think I should change to Dear Daniel?




    so when will there be another gathering? :cheers:


    win liao lor... long time no see... until now i still got this title stick to me... :cry:



    sorry bobo, sad to inform you this "title" will sick with you for life.:angel:

  3. I've never conducted the Defensive Riding Course myself.

    I would say, some riders find it interesting with new things to learn.

    And some riders find it normal lor.

    If u dont mind spending some money for it, then go ahead and try it out.


    If there is any rider here, who have been thru the Defensive Riding Course, pls comment your views about it here.



    IMHO, Dont go for half day Defensive Riding Course, go for a full day instead if money is no issue.

    Half day course is too short and theories cover about 70% of the course time. so basically, left 30% time for practical which i personally dont feel that is enough.

  4. Went for my first lesson today. Was surprised that I was actually ok on the bike and the instructor took me aside and taught me how to change to 2nd gear on the mini-circuit; ahead of the others!


    However, still must come back for another round of Lesson 1. Is it true Lesson 1 always have 2 sessions?


    lesson 1 is building your riding foundation. with good foundation, you can have good riding skill, tactics and altitude in later part your of your lesson.:cool:

  5. Hi Mr. Corse,

    Thanks for your explanation and advice. Of course, I didn't blame the instructors cos I know they only want us to become good and safe riders. Btw, you are my instructor for lesson 3 and helped me with the proper E-brake technique. You are one of my favorite instructors :)


    I was just a bit disappointed since I have prepared very carefully and put my best effort and confidence to this assessment. I took note every single mistake I made after each assessment, clarified with instructors and learned them by heart. I went to CR the day before but I didn't have a chance to practice the crank course (which is my weakest point) due to construction :(. More than that, before going to bed at night, I tried to visualize the test route and what I have to do in every single step. I was confident I have prepared well enough and should have passed. But it didn't turn out as I expected ...


    I got an IF (nearly accident) when I turned left after the slope, which I have never encoutered before. After the assessment, I asked one instructor but he was also not very sure. He said that maybe I didn't turn smoothly. Until now I am still not very clear why that point costs me an IF :(


    I wish we are allowed to take the assessment route twice and choose the best result. Because I think even if we can ride smoothly during CR and warm up, it doesn't mean we can perform the same result right after the instructor's hand signal during the assessment. There is a little of LUCK in that moment. But Mr. Corse, you are right, even a small mistake on public road, that could be the last mistake we have ever made.


    And last but not least, thanks for everyone's encouragement. I will go for more CR and take the assessment until I pass!!! :)


    so many trainee went through this process. if they can pass, so can you. its just a matter of time that you will get your license if you persistent enough.

    preparation is 1 thing, your performance on the assessment got the final call.

    even without proper preparation, you might get a pass result for your assessment.


    more haste, less speed. do its at your own pace instead. :thumb:

  6. I have more than 10 years driving experience and I can still get lost. It's part and parcel of a motorist's life.


    experience does not help you not to get lost, it the familiarization of Sg roads that help you to stay on track.


    if you belong to ppl like me who not familiar with Sg roads, a GPS with greatly help you a lot.:cheeky:

  7. Sibei malu man..

    bike fell off when I was alighting from the seat..

    Lost balance and drop twice..

    Was trying to lift up from the right but then , too much force was used and it fell over to the left again.


    Now only can go gear 1 and netural.

    Engine will auto stall.

    Big problem anot?

    Any experience rider?

    Mine is an SP , tml will be towing to the bike shop for inspection.


    when bike fall on the ground, the bike carb will overflow. you need to start and ram a few times on your throttle to burn away excessive fuel in your carb.


    don't think a simple fall will damage your bike gear. make a through check on your bike to see anything loosen.

  8. True man. I will be going back for 1 more CR this Friday before taking my Prac 5 next week. Wish me luck!


    Anyway, thinking back about the cornering incident, it is kinda scary man. I dread to think what might happen if there are cars along that bend!


    Don't worry lah, the learner drivers are always DAMN BLOODY SLOW around that corner... And almost all turns, in fact.


    I remember being very frustrated a few times, stuck behind those ridiculously slow cars!


    L2 cant do overtaking, if i remember correctly, after L5, you will learn to overtake. but remember, overtake before the turn and move back to the same lane ASAP when the lane is clear.


    for the time being, bear with it. But most of the time, both lanes will be occupied by cars :faint:

  9. hey guys, for my fig-8 i keep getting penalized by the instructor for wobbling, but time wise i have no problem hitting the 11 seconds..... any way to avoid getting points for this?


    wobbling during initial moving or during moving in the fig-8?


    if wobbling during move off, you may need to open the throttle more.

    if during the course, you need to train yourself by putting your focus point further.

  10. they are laughing but cos they are really glad they didn't pass riders who didn't make the grade.


    uncle, you back in spore already? when come out for kopi?


    still in china see china mei mei :cheeky:. will be back on the 2nd week of july. but might go back to china again few days later after my return. :faint:

  11. knn, went for my lesson 7 today and failed with 22 points...


    of 17 ppl taking lesson 7, only 2 ppl passed.... ssdc must be laughing all the way to the bank....


    Funny leh, why not you take a step back and think why you not able to pass your L7?

    when pointing at someone, remember, 3 fingers are pointing back at yourself.

    if they fail you, it very simple, meaning your riding skill are not within their expectation.

    if not happy with SSDC, you always have a choice to choose other test center. :nono::nono:

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