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  1. Hey bro.. Can pm me too? Wanna know the pricing as well and if cat can be removed? Thx!
  2. Ish... Bahaya tu. Haha...nanti kena demam track susah! Sesak terus tak bernafas! Anyway bile tu? Bole jugak look see look see and kenal2 u all. (dah start gatal ah nie) hahaha.
  3. U should prolly check ur service manual bro. According to mine, if u are not going to use the bike for long periods of time, u should disconnect the battery, change eo, oil parts that subject to rust and park in a well ventilated area. When ur back, connect ur batteries and change eo again. Iirc, thats how it's done according to the manual.
  4. Actually u can do all this online at myhdb page. Juz login with singpass, go to my vehicles. There u have to option to apply for new season parking, renewals, transfer and refund, iirc.
  5. If ur traveling on straight road and ur bike does what u described, should not be due to the suspension. if ur taking corners, then prolly it's a tad soft. I'm guessing the brakes may be the cause too... Cause the calipers may be touching the disc thus causing a reduction in speed then when the warped disc clears the calipers it's back to normal speed. Hmm... But I'm no expert. Does it happen on all gears? Or specific gears?
  6. I agree with this! Though I feel that the protection provided by the centers are quite sufficient as u will generally be ridin at a slow speeds. But once u get ur license, please do get the full gear. Personally, I used the gears frm the ctr last time cept for helmet. That one also juz a basic one. after that sure must take a long bath! Haha On a side note, somehow I feel that when ur over dressed(gears and all) the instructors tend to notice u more so slight mistakes, they may penalize when u could get away with it. Heh. Juz my tots.
  7. I second this! Personally, even if u ride safe, there will always be some bugger out there trying to break ur clean sheet! So TS, attend ur lessons and learn bout bikes along the way. Meet new ppl and make friends with them. U'll learn more that way.
  8. Hehe... I pon sesak bile comes to the aftermarkets. Nak kena get the most crucial ones first and work from there. And recently baru discovered the herk & jerk issue with the k8. But ade workaround la. Hehe. Also protective gears jugak. Lepas tu baru la bole track. Tapi dengan so much power in ur hands, kadang2 tempted jugak! Hahaha. Maklumlah... First timer. Lol. Dah nak masuk 30 baru nak start. Haha. Late bloomer!
  9. Wah... U guyz don't buy standard ah? Im looking for suits and tot wanna go with A* but dunno sizing got probs or not. Is it cheaper to custom? Hi Alex! I'm a new gixxer too! Yeap... That's quite the norm if u are stationary. Juz make sure ur fan kicks on when ur temp is 100. For cruising, my temps ard 85-90.
  10. Haha... Exactly! Might as well get something u can enjoy and still have $$ afterwards. Tak bole la bawak duke then makan kedai kopi nye style. Lol! Anyway.. Me too. Loving my ride. Though initially nak angkat 1k cc, got no regrets cause I masih beginner! Hehe.
  11. Ahh... The #5 wire from the ecu yea. Hehe... I guess tht one can diy. Thanks bro. Wah... Really poison leh.. Muz recoup my finances first before I go full... Hehe. Wanted to go the akra way but when I hear the thunderline like shiok.. Dunno now. Haha. Maybe when I hang out with u guyz can look see ur mods.
  12. Anyhow, i think i've experienced the herky jerky issue where engine feels like its outta fuel then sudden surge of power.. And after much reading on the gixxer forums, seems like an issue with the k8. Mine happened at third gear @6k rpm iirc. Where do u guyz get the O2 sensor fixed (those with the problem that is)? or live with it? Anything less than 5k seems fine... Hmm...
  13. Haha... Was only worried actually. Cause 1st sportbike & its a cl2. the highest i rode was also 200cc bah. And i've given it a ride.... no wheelies. Engine stalled some more... lol And its a really sweet bike! Simply love it! I agree... Must adjust and adapt lor... after riding whole day on Fri & Sat... piangz.. both my wrists were aching... lol
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