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  1. hi, do you have any pictures to look at?

  2. Hi bro, you can trade with my arai ram4 size X, two big for my size with 2 tone silver and black worn 2 time. call me @ 81820900 Bob..

  3. Hi,


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  4. but anyway, I hate newton circus! how aptly named: circus with alot of clowns going into, and exiting the roundabout. we've got cars swerving to exit from the 2nd lane, or worst, 3rd lane.. we got cars entering the roundabout even seeing bikes/cars already in the roundabout. got this auntie, swerved from the 2nd lane to exit towards bukit timah, then immediately after, an angmor driving a flashy BMW with some clown antics; i was past the bukit timah exit and approaching the exit towards orchard, he saw me coming, accelerated and stopped in my tracks cuz there were other cars in the 2nd
  5. hmm, i think you got Jehuty wrong here..i believe he doesnt intend to condone fast drivers, but on the contrary, he does not agree with fast drivers having good skills. i believe he is pointing out that even though being a fast driver, all it takes is one wrong move, being humans.. my RM0.042
  6. yo nabil..i'm a new rider.. and would like to join a joy-ride outing+makan etc.. when will you be organising another singapore round-island relak ride? =)
  7. yo, it's a Rieju RS3 125. Exact same engine as the Yammie R125, except that it's carb, instead of FI..
  8. Right on. With full gear, at least your more protected, but nothing beats riding safely, and being aware of the road conditions and what lies ahead. I'm saying full gear only compliments the safety, it does not necessary save the rider.
  9. i second that! i just passed my 2b too, and i'm shod in a FF helmet, riding jacket with protectors, gloves with knuckle protectors and a pair of riding shoes. riding at night with these are ok, but in the afternoon soon, i'm like a baked rice. It's really very uncomfortable when i stop at junctions. Plus, i get weird stares too! given the way i dress, and with a P-plate on my bike. But heck! i'd rather my skin stay on me rather than on the asphalt. pple can call me a poser but it's me riding my bike, and i'd like to reach my destination with a smug look and that i've conquered the journey.
  10. for me, it took me 2.5 months to get my 2b from BBDC. points to note: like what lips said, enroll and clear the theory first. i'm not sure about other schools, so i can only advise based on BBDC's curriculum. Abbreviations used below: RTL - Riding Theory Lesson PPL - Defensive Riding Theory Lesson RTE - Riding Theory Evaluation (like a mock RTT Test) RTT - Riding Theory Test BTL - Basic Theory Lesson RC - Revision Circuit SP - Self practice (1/2 price of a normal lesson, but no instructor) You'll need the following in order to book for TP: 1. Valid PDL (as there's a new rul
  11. i remember braking was a pretty smooth affair.. but thanks for all the suggestions! you guys were a great help.. but funny only one person spoke about suspension..could the suspension be too soft?
  12. good point..but i'm guessing if it's a case of warped rotors, the effects would be more pronounced during braking? but i dont recall any vibes coming in during braking.. but nevertheless, i'll still check it, in an elimination process.
  13. i thought it might be an inappropriate gear..but the vibrations are different from that of a wrong gear, rather it's more of speed-oriented; at a precise speed of 61kph..the bouncing appears. up to that speed, it's smooth though..
  14. thanks! but i'm thinking the possibility of valve clearance or clutch plates pretty low, as my bike's new.. it feels like some form of resonance or something..the vibrations arent hand-numbing types, it's more of the handlebars coming up and down..
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