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  1. hi , i am selling off a brand new set of hayabusa gsxr1300 FactoryPro Superflare RACE V Stacks for year 2008 and onwards hayabusa and b-king <!--url{0}-->[/img]</p><p> </p><p> <img src=[/img] Going for $280neg pls sms me @ DELETED (regarding stuffs in the pics only. THKS!) some details i got from the Factory Pro web.... (Note: 99-07 stacks will not work or fit the 08-12) Factory Pro designed and tested. Patented clipless design. HEALTHY +3 to +5
  2. wat rims are u looking for? u want carrozeria?

  3. racetec k2 190/55 still in stock? or any 190 track tires avail besides pirelli??
  4. bro just realized my inbox was full, pls PM me again. sorry for the trouble.

  5. its four long stacks fully identical to Factory pro, its not factory pro ones, its customed out from the same material, so it cost lower.

  6. interested in ur BMC.....u live west side isit?


    my num 91774551...

  7. since its L size...my height 181 w 35 can fit in?

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