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  1. Hi there, Allow me to jump in. Ive had my M400 not for long and now Ive grown to really like it..despite the fake neutral(oh yeah my feet also blue black), the long warming up time etc etc Ive read that You can do all sorts of stuff to upgrade yr bike and use most of them other monster parts to so call "plug and play". Can any of the bros here comment on that? im thinking of changing the cylinder head to a 600 and ive heard of some place in Lavender that does it.Dont know where exactly. Also, Ive just spoken with a GPR exhaust dealer in Sg and he has an outlet that supplies GPR so if
  2. Thank you for the timely info bro. I will reconsider my intended purchase of the m900.
  3. Hi guys, newbie here . anyone have ridden the M900? lookin for my first class2 bike and considering it. Thanks and ride on!
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