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  1. Angel...i will definately renew the COE for my XJR..its not mainly about the price..its all about the machine..after all its a great bike to ride...
  2. Hey guys..i saw one black XJR at Hong Nan Motor (Lavender) selling at 6500..plate FBA 1078..the total mileage was 29k +...mayb u have anione intrested on it..can check it out...
  3. When is the meet up? u guys can call me at 85112695 at anytime of the day..ill be free every nite after 10.30pm...
  4. my bike got this kind of noise when i start my engine..i went to several shops n they told me that its norm for xjr to have those..i just wanna noe whether ur bikes got that noise..
  5. Hi, Im Khai a new XJR400 rider...intrested with this group..and need some info for this bike...can u guys guide me thru?
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