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  1. Hi im very interested in your cbr exhaust.. Pls call/sms me at 94240667(asrul). I need the exhaust as soon as possible thanks

  2. Any of u got ur monster from loois motor? Where did u guys buy yours? Intending to buy 796. Can anyone enlighten me about full tank mileage if normal riding? From what i saw only. FC of monster is not bad at all!
  3. what about loois motors? the boss quote me 23k for new ducati 796. sounds good! but too bad im looking for something that can provide me with daily commute! sighhh. maybe settle for super4 lolol
  4. Thanks bro for the feedback! muahahahaha.
  5. Hi guys, im considering buying a ducati monster 796 so im gonna need to ask a few questions. sorry if questions are repeated as the search thread functions produces too much irrelevant results. 1) Is M796 a good everyday transport bike? Or is it better as a joyride bike? 2) Average fuel consumption? 3) Maintenance is it high? I travel quite alot. one year maybe can clock 25,000kms 4) good for touring? ( as from what i see from some websites, its an oil-cooled bike ) 5) spare parts cheap or expensive if compared to japan class 2 bikes? 6) do most of you own another bike for commuting
  6. StrongBow


  7. wow. its nice to hear that its free. im taking UOL business fulltime! =)
  8. where did u disappear to? why you gonna disappear again? lolll
  9. hmmm. not so sure whether its MJ then, cos i didnt notice whether the bike had any fairings or side boxes =(
  10. arthur!! is it really free for bikes at SIM? not working, gonna be studying there soon, coming august! =) haha. hope the red pulsar i saw was MJ! =) MJ WAS IT U?? =) we gave each other a friendly smile. my gf asked, why did u smile at stranger and why did the stranger smile back at u? i told her, we are brothers bound by our bike. =)
  11. hopefully i didnt overdo it. =) anyone got experience of parking at SIM before? gonna start sch there and i heard the parking fee there is quite exp! =(
  12. hopefully its that then! =) was worried that i underlube or overlube. any way to determine which one is it? =X
  13. Wax? Is it the lube i used? I'm using pz10 from ahboy anyway. Checked but dun have anything leh.
  14. Just wash n lubed my chain today. Was making a left turn just now and my rear tire slipped. Luckily i pulled my bike back in time. Upon closer inspection, i don't see any weird stuff on my tire. What happened actually? Do u think the lubricant flinged on to my bike? How to know whether i overlubed? Or whether i underlubed? Saw a red pulsar just now at pioneer road north! HELLO THERE. im the one pillioning my gf! duno was ug what? The pulsar font at the fuel tank was printed on and was not the 3d one. Hope u read this bro!
  15. I'm being very hardworking. reading all the posts from page 1 onwards to try to catch some tips they used to share! Enough of bike stuff. One question. What do u do if u feel like u have feelings for one of ur friend's gf?
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