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  1. if you contact the previous owner you should be able to trace back some info
  2. with the arf and all should fetch quite a fair bit man
  3. letting go a fully modified 218cc malossi gilera st runner. let me know if you are interested... viewing can be made at 25 kaki bukit road 4 #01-35 @ synergy building!
  4. heybrothepoliniandmalossivariatorisavailableforthetma..andalsothecontrastspring
  5. Hi mark,


    just passed my 2b tp this month and was looking around for a used 2b bike. was wondering do you have any pcx150 used selling or a pulsar 200ns or fz16? this are some of the models i kinda interested in now. do drop me a pm if any

  6. better to buy it from agent as there are not many workshops who are knowledgeable with this bike bro... at least u will be covered with warranty.
  7. You are such a scheming liar. Taking the advantage of a defamation link and hope that we will comply to you. I have moved your scooter because we did not want it to go missing and be held responsible if anything happened to it. 1.) It would be really dumb for me to have the intention of stealing your scooter (this is Singapore) 2.) You were not present during the scrapping of your vehicle and (Bikebulance witness the scrapping of the vehicle) 3.) You misplaced your helmet and didn't bother to pick it up only after 6 months 4.) You lied the cost of the helmet purchase and expected u
  8. HI, wondering how much you can give the price for honda PCX150 to me? can pm me, please?

  9. Hi.. I have a gilera st 200.. My bike cranks but it won't start.. Can i know whats the problem??

  10. Hi,


    do you provide changing of the bodykit of SYM EXCELL II 150? if you do how much does it cost?




  11. Yeah, Unless you want the alphabet P, you can buy in malaysia. Unless you malaysian its not illegal.
  12. Then shouldnt be a problem with some minor modifications.
  13. Hi . Im a tourist here in singapore... I was just wondering is small bike or underbone organisation / groups are huge in this city? Where do you hang out at night? Tnx

  14. Scooter Narcotics is a company that provides expertise in modifications, repairs and service solutions for all makes and models of scooters, including Piaggio, Yamaha, Honda, Kymco, Aprilia, SYM, Daelim, Peugeot and many more. A place where enthusiast gather to learn about scooter tuning. Our skills in tuning scooters today were meticulously imparted from professionals in Europe, providing you the best performance from second to none. The online store on www.scooter-narcotics.com caters to all customers worldwide promotion, optimized with search engines to make a hassle free shopping whe
  15. hi bro... saw u msg posted on my page ... i am actually looking for side farring for my 08 FZ1-S... do u happen to have it in stock or any kang tao getting 1?

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