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  1. its Everyday pain & misery of the IU issue u mentioned I also encountered..will go bike fabricator to fabricate an IU bracket soon..have to get the IU rubber seals & screws from LTA.
  2. welcome..maybe u could trim the foam inside your seat..can enquire from eugene saddlery along Jalan besar.
  3. my best mileage upon hitting reserve stands at 207miles while worst stands at 165.5miles..65% highway 35% stop start traffics..ave speed on highway 70-90kmh. Reading in mileage can't be changed so far as I know of unless change meter.
  4. Hi all, In the cases of selling one's bike or trade in one's bike, can one retain/keep his old registration/licence plate though he might not buy a new bike or trade in for a new bike with a new registration/licence plate ? Thanks.
  5. should have stayed a couple of nites at Thailand since an effort to reach thr imo. Slept over at the custom ? Yah slow & relax to enjoy the rides/sceneries. great credits for the scooter & u on ur solo trip
  6. yup, thanx. Wow u solo to Phuket? Wats ur average crushing speed & how many Kms intervals u rest the bike & urself ?
  7. i believe those who owned it have fond memories of it more than bad
  8. thank you for your feedback .....nice guys to deal with ...thump upssss:)

  9. Still available..however visor replacement hard to get..so far ask ard no one carries M2R visor..:(

  10. ur helmert still have?

  11. juz sharing, i got mine ard the prices u mentioned before i traded in my old bike. however my 2001 FT plate mileage is 113000s KM when i take over
  12. would like to join u guys for ride but working, enjoy & ride safe
  13. hi, check with u, will u be letting go your yoshi end can if u change new endcan ?



  14. hi,


    i wish to buy & learn to DIY a led strip to my front of my bike after finding out i might have been charged bit higher for my rear ones at bike shop.


    i wish to buy from u a 30cm(divide into 2 pieces) 12 leds(blue color) strip & a switch. what else do i need if u can advise, because i totally do not have electrical knowledge background. also have some additional queries;


    1) can i tap my power from my own switch which control my rear led strips without installing another switch ?


    2) does your led strip come with wiring & double side tape ?


    i also wish to DIY one of my meter light but i not sure my bike meter is using a T10 or T5. i rides cb400sf vtec1 if u can advise ?


    lastly if i were to purchase from u, can we deal at a more central area btw our places ? i stay sengkang.



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