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  1. Hi, Lets say if i plan to start a small part-time business, to get a van i will have to register with ACRA and apply the Home-Office Scheme right? Are there anything else compulsory to do? After starting a business, can i still have a Full-time job outside and my own business still going on as usual? I mean is it lawfully wrong or anything. I couldnt find the answers anywhere online can anyone give me advice please? Thanks in advance.
  2. Back in 2005 i kena too. just bought the bike back then. $120 but without demerit points You ask that aunty she ok or not got sarlar not or got driving license or not 12 demerit points? Singapore is LAW by LAW, theory handbooks says first offender gets a fine of $120 and 2nd offence will be revoke.
  3. Erm nope... 27/3/2008 --> 12 - 6 = 6pts 29/5/2007 --> 18pts 11/2/2008 --> 18-12 = 6pts Only on 11/2/2009 then u will get back all the 18pts u accumulated I dunno why also but the system works like that... Even if u left 1 day to getting back the 6 pts u lose previously and u commit another offence, the 6 pts will be drag together with the newest offence for another 1 year. Something like that.
  4. yeah i tink XJR better, as in u get a much newer machine for a cheaper price, both is 400cc ma so i tink power wise not much difference haha... not so common also and looks good too~ if im not wrong, Ohlin shocks rite? haha...
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