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  1. @GREYS Not sure if this is constructive feedback, do you want to try confronting the Instructors or lodge complaint against the egregious ones? On the other hand, I do feel that riding, to a large extent, is really about exploring until you find the right technique. The instructions can’t really teach you “how to ride” but advice u on how to get to finding the right technique faster. Take the pylon for e.g, “don’t look at the cone” is a right advice as if you look at the cone, you will hit it. Don’t give up and Jia you. You will only fail when u give up (very motherhood I kno
  2. Not harm doing forward planning.
  3. Care to provide an update to your situation?
  4. My understanding is no. But u will be left with no points and can not afford to lose another point.
  5. Dun let such an idiot spoil ur mood. 👍 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. WD40 can't do the job? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I gave up on having box when I changed bike as I rarely use the items I put in my box. Putting used helmet in the box is disgusting. Should air it instead.
  8. With this price, u can bump until the cow comes hm also no one will buy.
  9. Did u just say "average 600 - 800 cc"? They are not average at all.
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