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  1. Just went Legoland today. Head towards Zon 2 > there is a booth and outdoor bike lots. I parked right next to the booth, security guard assured me that its manned and there will be someone watching. Fetched my bike later at 9+ > everything was still intact. (also secured my helmet to the bike > buff n gloves were inside helmet) By the way, parking was free.
  2. just called them - yes they do! (junction 10 @ Bt Panjang)
  3. @Ardian from a previous poster: Bike shops that i believe does ducati; 1- michael cheong (hp: 91169116) amk autopoint #05-27 10, amk industrisl park 2A s(568037) 2- worx motorsports (dhiraj tan hp: 98764487) 10 kaki bukit road 2 #01-04 first east centre s(417868) 3- bike harbor (raymond kwok hp: 96824277) eunos ave 4 4- bikeworkz (ah beng hp: 97477223) 10 kaki bukit road 2 #01-24 first east centre s(417868) 5- unique motorsport kaki bukit, autobay 6- Ram Racing beside motoworld kaki bukit 7- HKL Bukit Merah Estate
  4. Hey ppl, looking for a set of pipes for M400. Was looking for GPR but the local agent is being a ***** and refusing to bring in.
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