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  1. care to share any trusted mechs on fz1s? need to dismantle quite a number of things.. alarm, hella lights and some other stuffs.. Also whats the damage for a valve clearance?? My engine seems like quite noisyy...
  2. Hey bros.. Got something to ask.. U guys experienced cross calla before? U were halfway talking den suddenly another line just cut thru and u can hear the stranger voice. But, cross sms? Anyone experienced b4?
  3. Yea the mileage is somewhere reaching to 40k.. Whats needed to do if reaches 40k?
  4. 18k for an 08 fz1s reasonable? considering lots of goodies on the bike. eg. fs exhaust system, crash bar, hel brake hose, ohlins gantung, damper and many more.. including side panniers.. worth it?
  5. Nanti aku forward PO... payment COD pe?

  6. If Im Not Wrong... FQ Plate With The Lemang Pipe Will Only Invite Trouble With ROVs
  7. lets just go there and disturb them... throw waterbombs maybe?? hehhee
  8. the stripper from the thai disco "Live Impact" hehe!!
  9. Looks Like Most Of It Happening In West Side...
  10. I Belief In The Old Days Bike Groups Are More Friendly Than Nowdays.
  11. Me Too Hate Those Malay Riders Rides In Group With Their Design Helmets And Feeling Almighty.. Especially Those 2B Bikes Heavily Mod With Accesories... Such A Disgrace... Maybe Should Ask Them Try Doing That In JB...
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