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  1. Most common trick is they ask u to sign on a piece of blank paper.. they claim that paper will be fill up by finance . and if u decided to early settle u will be suprised that piece of paper can suddenly turn into early settlement agreement form although during breakdown of price they say no early settlement fee.. i learnt my lesson. haha
  2. eh aku nye goodie bag kat siapa eh? lupa pulak nak collect .
  3. next time don't give motobike.. 1 person only can win. Bicycle better at least 20 person can win all happy.
  4. for 2k the only Evo possible is Piaggio X9 Evo. the other evo better don't..later u up lorry
  5. ko baik call ah swee.. BP ada sort sikit. kalo loan period ko dah habis should be no problem. kalau kau early settle ada masalah. ba punggol marina sua ada kolam pancing ikan..
  6. bro kalau motor yang ada coe tu macamana nak renew dia punya roadtax...then berapa kosnya?

  7. do you have any pics of the x9?

  8. r u interested? pics will come up shortly.............the bike is grey colour fully stock

  9. u anyhow shoot only.. JPJ website It's Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan
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