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  1. Since there are all other secondary / tertiary schools around and I had just enrolled myself to do HRM in SUSS at age 33, why not gather the riders from here? LOL. Bobson Quek - Kymco AK 550.
  2. Sorry, it's been ages since i logged in.. i bought at about 26k i think.. cannot remember though.
  3. Apologies ppl as I seldom venture into sgbikes ever since i started riding an AK550. My main question is: 1) Does Kymco has re-sale value if i plan to sell off after few years. I know Yamaha has re-sale value. Kymco re-sale value is low but I heard it is a good bike to ride long period in aka COE? 2) Any issues if I go touring with with either bikes to Malacca, KL? I joined a WA group and there are people who rides in and no issues whatsoever.. 3) I like Kymco storage below seat, can fit 2 full face helmet but no cruise control, whereas in T-MAX can fit only one helmet and bit of extr
  4. https://sg.carousell.com/p/kymco-2017-2018-ak550-cnc-cover-cap-with-laser-logo-211553863/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Fbobsonquek%2F&ref_sId=949550 For fellow AK riders.. Black Kymco 2017/2018 AK550 CNC cover cap (with Laser LOGO)
  5. Anyone with break in/run in engine oil recommendations and place to purchase knowledge/experience? I just bought a Kymco AK 550. TIA!
  6. bobson87

    Kymco AK 550

    Hi Scooter-iders, I had just bought a 2018 (not bringing in 2019 models into SG) brown Kymco AK 550; to collect on 12 Feb 19 as I am waiting for some accessories to arrive. I believe there isn't a group for the AK 550 riders? Or is there a whatsapp group I can join to help join into the community? Do let me know! Thanks.
  7. Shoei / Arai period.. Their R&D and stringent safety checks.. I personally go for Shoei.
  8. Bike back up on sale! S$ 9k with bidded number plate of YOUR CHOICE!
  9. https://sg.carousell.com/p/hjc-cl-st-m-size-174603392/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Fbobsonquek%2F&ref_sId=949550 I have a 9.5/10 used few times M size HJC CL-ST to exchange for a brand new Nova L-Size open face helmet or $70 cash as I bought the wrong size from Motoworld. Thanks!
  10. Dear AK 550 riders, I am currently on an Aprilia Shiver 750 ABS but have an intention to get a class 2 scooter for the next ride. Please answer my queries if you can please. What is the nett price of the ride? I believe it is cheaper than the TMAX 530 SX, ADV 750 and NM4. The other 3 which I am eyeing at. Which are the shops that bring it in? Where do you guys service/repair the ride? Are the parts expensive comparing to the others? I personally seen and tried the Tmax which was alil high for my 1.66 frame. The AK 550 seems okay for me. I know that the NM4 is very much shorte
  11. Thank you so much for the feedback, AdrielX! Ya riding the '17 as well? Yes, heard the good reviews/videos what not as well! Tt's y I was interested in it. The only issue is with the MPH reading and not KMH? The NM4 really looks batman-ish and I actually rode for 12 years; 6 rides without box thus the underwhelming underseat storage would be good enough for me I guess. But of coz an extra rear box will be great since the intention of getting a scooter is purely for transport purposes. *grins I note that the Tmax's torque/pick up is better than the NM4 but coz of CC, I reckon the hig
  12. Aww.. Thank you for the feedback, skyblueblue ! I was initially eyeing on Gilera Fuoco as well! Heard it somewhere that they are no longer bringing it in; thus the shift to Tmax and NM4. Not sure how true though. Seriously? No issues with the Wdlnds-JB customs? The gantries are like SO SMALL.. Gosh. Heard about the Kymco Ak as well. Gosh, too many choices though I will just want a point A-B transport. Thus the follow up to gather feedbacks here! Hehe.
  13. Dear Riders of the Scooting Community, I am currently riding an Aprilia Shiver 750 ABS and may have the intention to change to a Class 2 Scooter 2017-18 for transport with a box (personal preference for not liking a box on other makes) for a slightly more comfortable and easier Point A-B in SG - JB. I was initially eyeing on the Can Am Spyder but realized that the massive size will be almost impossible to weave through traffic and the $ I will rather grab an older 3 with comfort (air-con and music). I am deciding between the Yamaha Tmax 530 SX, Honda NM4 / Vultus 750 or any Class 2 3-
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