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  1. sorry to ask but wat is the meaning of OEM?
  2. btw, anyone went to see the F1 car zooming just now at esplanade there?
  3. mine idling same as yours.. jump here and there.. using GPR pipes too.. i found it ok.. the sound is still there.. riding wise also no prob..
  4. oic.. haha.. okok.. sunday i cant make it. if not can join u guys for the first time. if fri or sat den might be able to join u all. anyway enjoy and have a safe trip.
  5. riding style simliar with me. got like tat one meh.. no matter wat i pump, esso 5000 or 8000, jb shell or caltex or esso, my mileage still e same. anyway i also new to fazer. maybe have to let the lao jiaos ans u already. sorry, only can help ya until here.
  6. i have the same problem with u too.. its the batt that is weak. dun worry. till now i also haven change e batt.. haha..
  7. sorry.. newbie qns.. wat is a&w? the fastfood restaurant or it mean somethin else?
  8. normal at which rpm u change gear? mine is the same as yours. '05 too.. other factors like wat Speedpass say do play a part too..
  9. for mine ard 310-320km before reserve hits in. riding ard 100-130km/h. i guess riding more on expressway, fc would be betta. the best i got was like 22.56km/L. but riding ard 90-100km/h. ard the same as super4 i guess. fazer 6..
  10. darkside as in sgfazerclub? okok.. thanks alot for ur reviews.. i go check it out..
  11. hi guys? anyone using bt021 or sportec m1 now? any reviews? going for a tire change soon.. seem that both tires good for touring and normal street riding and its suits my pocket.. =)
  12. hi.. do u have stocks for pilot road 2 front 120 rear 180 and how much? thanks in advance..
  13. gong xi fa cai to all! happy chinese new year! (belated) just finished my duty.. sian.. no ang bao to take ytd..
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