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  1. You just diagnosed your problem; your spark plug got wet during a ride in the rain. Or perhaps your spark cable is old and the internals are exposed to the elements. Since I got some time, let me try to explain the 'pop' sound for you as simply as I am able to.


    Air-fuel mixture enters combustion chamber from carbs -> spark plug wet -> cannot produce spark -> air-fuel mixture does not ignite -> no combustion -> un-combusted air-fuel mixture exits combustion chamber via exhaust pipe -> exhaust pipe is very hot (as we all know...) -> temperature in the header + pipe heats up air-fuel mixture -> air-fuel mixture ignites as it exits the exhaust pipe due to decompression (air pressure outside is lesser than pressure inside the bike's internals) -> you hear the pop sound as the ignition takes place.


    If you're able to, whenever this happens, stop your bike at a sheltered area, remove your spark plug and clean it dry. Chances are, your bike can start again. For a longer term solution, consider replacing the rubber bits that are supposed to prevent these sort of things from happening. Hope it helps.


    Bro, thanks for the info! Hope to learn new things here as i just got my licence and bike.. :) Like wat the instructors told me at driving school ,to get the licence is just the beginning.. the real test is during riding in real road conditions and encountering the problems of bike malfunctioning..In school, just call the instructor and they changed bike for you..

  2. Think that is either the carb drain hose, or the breather tube that links to the tank.

    The tube even if drop/ lost also no poblem, but leave it there better, help avoid having stains from dripping fuel on your bike.




    Bro I live in Yishun too, where do you live, I can go tighten the spark plug for you.



    Hi Bro Silent hunter, i stayed in yishun ring road. Where do you stay? i come to your place since you are helping me mah.. ;) Kopi after dat..

  3. Think that is either the carb drain hose, or the breather tube that links to the tank.

    The tube even if drop/ lost also no poblem, but leave it there better, help avoid having stains from dripping fuel on your bike.




    Bro I live in Yishun too, where do you live, I can go tighten the spark plug for you.



    Hi Bro Silent hunter, i stayed in yishun ring road. Where do you stay? i come to your place since you are helping me mah.. ;) Kopi after dat..

  4. Hi bro/sis, sorry to hijack this thread..Got my 8 years old TA200 2 months ago..Encountered 2 incidents with bike stalling halfway while riding during rain..The first time it happens, bike loss power and all electrical power loss..it was diagnosed to be the battery flat..After battery changed ok liao..The second time, the bike loss power and stop and i heard a "POP" sound! Quickly guide the bike with my feet to the road shoulder..At first i thought the tire punctured. But it was not punctured when i checked it.. The sound like comes from somewhere near the exhaust....This time round, electrical power is there as i can see the green neutral light when bike key is switched to "on"..EMAS came and towed my bike to a nearby car park..After a while, my bike can starts again and so far so good till now..i really dun know what happens and can any bro/sis help me in this? It can't be when during rainy weather this problem will come every time right? My frz who rode a phantom previously told me that this problem happened to phantoms often but he also dun know what is the problem and he changed bike in the end..I really want to find the root to this problem..Had read up on this thread and the problem that is similar is during raining, spark plug got wet and stalled..But my bike problem got a "pop" sound and so i am in a dilemma on what is the problem..Meantime, will refrain from riding during rain and will check weather forecast before riding.. :( Hope bro/sis here can help me..Thanks in advance!

  5. Bro, same case for me..I pissed off and got a new set myself..Dun know how much u have to pay for repair and so to save the hassle, i got a new one since i riding long term..

  6. A first time patron of planet motor and i am bought over liao..Went for EO change and got other parts checked too by the friendly mechanic..realised the workshop that i purchased the bike did not changed my air filter(think never changed a few years) and brake disc and brake pad botak liao..In the end, did all the necessary changes as recommended by Dr Chong and gang Was satisfied with the service..I laughed out loud when Dr Chong disturbed a guy who wanted to purchased a "NASA' brand engine oil and he tell him can fly to the moon using the engine oil!

  7. totally agrees with naim..I know the feeling..just got my 2b..riding a TA 200..there are times when u are geared (armor jacket, FF, gloves, riding boots) and people riding in Bermudas and slippers riding on superbikes looking at u like u are a moron..just zoom off at junctions like telling u even without full gear they are still fast..all my frzs who are riding all have the scars of riding without gear..they are the ones who advised me on wearing proper gears and I thanked them for the advice..to me, when accidents happen, the ones who is geared up will probably sweat more but bleed less..ride safely, fellow riders!

  8. yes the phantom is definitely reliable. just renew it for 10 years, even if you decide to change your mind later, you can simply cancel off the coe and get your money back. don't renew for just 5 years! it would be a waste...


    glad that you are enjoying your phantom :cheers:


    Vidak, thanks for the advice! Hope to join the PK for rides soon after i get used to the bike!

  9. ok i booked lesson 5... so hard to get slot the most recent available one is next friday... :(


    meantime I'm doing some preparing (Hope to pass in 1 go!)... anyone knows when exiting filter lane check blind spot left or right???


    Before entering filter lane, check left blindspot..When near the zebra crossing, check right for traffic and if clear, while turning left, check left blindspot again.

  10. Are lessons 5,6,7 easy to pass in one time?



    They are mainly testing your road awareness and are you able to do u-turns correctly for lesson 5..Some can pass 1 time and some can take 3-4 lessons to repeat lesson 5..For lesson 6 and 7, u must remember the test route and that is about it..Good luck!

  11. Hi to Phantom Riders, recently got my 2B and a 8 years old TA200 and loving every moments of it..The bike is mainly used in the nite for prata nites and biker frzs nite meet up as I have another personal transport to work in the day..Would like to ask whether is it worthwhile to renew the Coe for 5/10 years? In terms of reliability, can our TA200 last another decade and will spare parts still be available then? I am a big size guy and really enjoyed riding TA200 and it also gives acceptable fuel consumption, cheap servicing and Maintainance..any advice, fellow phantom riders? Thanks in advance!

  12. Faster clear all your theory lessons as u need to cleared all of them before they allow u to book TP..Since u passed ur lesson 4, faster go apply for pdl and try to finish 5,6,7 asap..Not easy to book dates for all this 3 lessons..If you failed the lesson, u may have to wait 3-4 days for the next lesson..The instructors told me that the TP dates are selling like hot cakes now due to more people getting bikes as they are more affordable than cars..The worse is the waiting time for TP..Now the next TP date is 16 June..It is always 1 month plus from the date u cleared all ur theory and practical lessons..All, the best, bro!

  13. Hi to all, had been using my $45 trax opened face helmet from the day i took my licence till the day i passed..Was meeting my frzs for prata and they will commenting that i should get a full faced helmet for better protection..As a new 2b licensee, i dun want to get into the wrong side of the law..I went to motoworld at kaki bukit and they happened sell HJC helmets with PSB sticker inside the helmet between the shell and the lining..Just want to check is it the norm now to have sticker inside the helmet? Thanks!

  14. Purchased my 2b bike at Brothers motor at a good price..Collected the bike yesterday and enjoying every moment of it..Talked to them and managed to learned quite a bit of stuff from them..Especially Mo mo who talk with a sense of humor plus a lot of bike advice..All of them are nice people and knowledgeable.. ah tat, mo mo ,ah beng, the uncle and not forgetting the indian guy! You can see that they have passion for their work and are always smiling! You can see loads of bikers keep on pouring in every 15 mins! I guess this show the rapport they have with their customers! Went back to purchased a bigger box and changed handle bar plus replacing a light blown in the speedometer and i must say their products price are competitive! Near to my place some more and will definitely go back to them for my first servicing! Cheers, guys!

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