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  1. So late liao still dun want sleep, all become uncle liao, sleep early la.
  2. This track is going to suits bikes tat has d straight line speed esp d aprilia. Was puzzled y d bmw cant qualify better?
  3. New e.o, chain and front n rear sprocket.
  4. I seriously think you should rephrase your sentence n dun try to be funny with d ducati owners over here.
  5. Phew.... Saw 1 tp at d side of d road, he is looking at me when i pass him but luckily never chase up. After tat saw 1 lta enforcement in front of me, squeeze my throttle hard n get away... Guess today is my lucky day or wat?
  6. so many police road block nowsaday, encounter 3 times in a row in the nite le. Somemore its in the neighbourhood somemore. Their bonus coming issit?
  7. was not feeling well the day before so never go.
  8. Ohhh d 1198 got a pillion? Tat sounds bad, hopefully their injuries are not too serious. God bless.
  9. Well if its 60 regular trackies, i doubt there will be so many crashes. Just my 2ct.
  10. Yo folks, seems like your got a happening day at the SBF ani. So did any of your win the challenge?
  11. Go there got "things" to see mah. i still single ley, who knows i can get my chance on the gals ley. i will sit at kopitiam when im in my 60s. When young dun go out, when old liao wanna go out aso cannot lo.
  12. Due to unexpected rainfall this few days. Those guys going to track this sat, pls text me your contacts just in case if it rains on tat day we will pull off the track session.
  13. bro the rear wheel rim and mirror and rear disc break and break pad all gone?

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