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  1. come'on bring ur dirtbikes/small bikes/kupz. Enjoy the ruff road~! 1 more day~!
  2. hmmm in tat case a new senario...sg-thailand avg travelling spd 120kmh and one in a while 150kmh to overtake...seems fine since i rode my phantom to thailand @ the same speed. any info on roughly wad parts of m4 often breakdown? ty yoji
  3. hi monster riders...i'm crazy monster fan...juz enrolled in 2a... thinking of a monster...seems tat theres hardly any monster go up thailand... juz wondering if its a good bike for me to take it down thailand @ maybe 150kph avg? if anyone noe of any place selling a monster do let me noe...interested in the gold frame only...paintwork any color...=) TY~!
  4. marvy~ cool din noe u got a RK...when riding down to clementi area? cant wait to hear the rumble sound lolx... careful wait residence throw rubbish down...
  5. still selling ur harley ah? guess not 1 appriciate a good bike... 1 1/2 year to go b4 i can lay my hands on a HD...haizzzz gd luck for u sales bro
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