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  1. A Baja Tank on a YBR. Very Creative loh, can go for a week despatch job w/o pumpimg HaHaHa...
  2. White Colour one izzit I still duno whether i can Track anymore anot
  3. Guys next week Fridae, 22nd i off. Make Planz plz. Maybe another Kulai if many ppl Intrested. i seldom off on Fridae If nt also maybe a Chill Session in Singapore. Dam? Simpang Bedok? Or any other Ideas later i sms the Rest... Who Next Fridae gt time Mit-Up
  4. Wen wann go Bro? I tried Him aft Wan recommended. So far was Extremely Satisfied. But a bit sceptical, duno he is alwayz that Standard or coz i was a 1stTimer he gave Super Excellent Service Goin again 2 fix a few more stuffz... Cn aft Rayer Dun wan 2 take the Risk ah Bro hehe, also nw a very tightly squeeze
  5. In the Process la Bro. I damn bz wif werk theze daes. Lucky he stay near Me. I noe BikeTech21 Have but the Price damn ex. Can try asking DrM, he might still have. But U can try sourcing fr Shops; Factory Area that carry large size screw. Find one that can cover up the hole can oredi Bro, then juz trick the ecu U mean the whole assy drop izzit The Screw Broke
  6. I damn long never enter tru CauseWay. Things must have change a lot Weekend Morning Jam For Cars oni right nt Bike Lane ???
  7. 2nd Link can clear carbon also at the same time But the New JB Customs The Rds slippery like [email protected] sia & also very twisty wif lots of CubKia trying 2 take advantage of Us Intrested can sms Me Bro Rain - 94882214 Wats ur asking $$$ Mine used for less than 100KM. Still Mint New... B'fast Wat time? Goin in fr Wdlds izzit? I nw at Werk no Passport wif Me sia Updates sms Me plz Bro I dun have Ur contact nos la 94882214...
  8. Boss Noty Rider ah U I'm juz irritated tats all. Wun bother abt anything also juz wann alet him know tat dun b an @$$HoLe... Catching ppl on their Chill Ride timing...
  9. I stay Bedok & Werking in Changi So Pumping in JB outta the way...
  10. Retire? U ??? Standard for most SuperBike... Singapore Full Tank almost Sg$40 sia
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