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  1. Can msg me at 81984354 regarding Nokia 86

  2. Hi bro..do the new owner wld lyk to swap wif full system scorpion pipe.. Do msg me.. 92426703

  3. Hi sir..;) i've been reading ur post and ur advice regarding drz..;) i seems to like it.. ;) orite , jaz to make it simple.. Im not a expert rider.. But i've been riding biggy bike wif powerfull torgue since 03.. Been ridind n touring on my lovely falcon for so many years until sumting struck my financial.. So hv to let go my monster..;( now .. I fall in love wif sm bikes.. Tot of getting the drz .. Cos im so cal a beginner for dat kind of ride..:) can u advice me on wat to mod on drz if i own it in a couples of days to come.. Recimmend me ur best set up for my zee n which shop to go..cos i still wanna ride fast ;) altought i noe dat zee cant hit d speed up like d beast dat i ever rode.. Pls do msg me ...cos i seldom online.. ;) 83613814 thkz so much!!! Cheerzz!!!

  4. Hi boss, jaz wanna ask hw much full service for drz ?

    And together abit of setting on my fcr carb wif scorpion full systm.. Thkx


  5. Hi bro.. Wanna ask u .. Whr u do ur alloy rack for drz.. Thkz so muzh..

  6. Hi interested wif the wristlet dat cost$99

    Msg me 83613814

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