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  1. Hi Richards,


    Sorry about that. It's cleared now

  2. hi can't send you pm, your mailbox is full.

  3. Hi bro call me ir msg me 91129444...intrested in the tankbag...im at bapestier now

  4. Take note of the change in date. Alright guys, time for a gathering! OKie, fact is, I have been away for too long and need a ride, hence the proposed outing. Some caveats: 1. This is an open invitation for gathering. All HD families are welcome (Dyna, Sportster, Touring, Softtails, Vrods). 2. Come at your own risk (you know what I mean). There will not be any secret SMS to inform you about time and place. It will all be posted here. Objective is just for like-minded bike lovers to gather, have fun and clock some mileage. Also nice to put a face to the screen names. Date: 6 Oct (Sat)
  5. I've got intimidators installed on my iron. The result is night and day. Now I get a kick outta riding over potholes, so I can 'enjoy' my new plush ride
  6. Hi, Its your helmet sold? can sms/call me @ 96520915

  7. Looks like the Nightster. You from the media?
  8. I absolutely agree with you. Ride what u like, and like what u ride. Whatever your ride maybe. Cheers
  9. It's of course absolutely your choice on your preference of bikes. Whether or not your girl would want to take over your sportster in ten years time would also depend on whether or not she likes classic bikes (some of course consider classic bikes to be old man's bikes but thats also a preference thing). Anyway, don't wish to argue with you about that coz it's highly personal. But this whole copy the icon thing is so relative.... I mean, i don't think that HD can lay claim to being the first bike of its kind. There were other classic bikes b4 they came along as well. Yamaha, H
  10. Is $1200 for a 9 yr old bike that was worth $17k that bad? Even if you did depreciate your vulcan in straightline, it would be worth no more that $1700. And we all know few things depreciate in a straight line. So would you really say that you've been short changed by a whole lot at $1200?
  11. Yeah, pple who tailgate are Dumbasses (regardless of car, bike or truck) But it takes a special breed of DUMBASS to tailgate a car in a bike. HELLO? Cars have a steel cage to protect them... u don't! HELLO? Like William said with that horsepower, just shift down, throttle up, and get the hell outta dodge (ie, overtake). Why the hell bother with whole tailgating thing? Probably some testosterone overdose syndrome. Ok, enuf ranting for now. (Btw i agree with William, it's not a Harley thing, it's a Dumbass thing).
  12. U always dishing out advice to "new birds", so we thot u "old bird" mah...thats why no special invite. Anyway no need to paiseh leh, just come down on friday. Dun shy, dun shy!
  13. 3 cruisers for the price of 1......hmmmm... Cool.... with 3 bikes, i could use the first for daily rides, the second will be a dedicated "ride-in-the-rain" bike (will let the maid worry about washing it), and the third i have it nicely buffed and polished so that people can pose and take photos of it (in case they can't get hold of a magazine....) Hahahahaha, such vanity..... Ok, i apologise for going off-topic. Back to the real discussion now...
  14. But didn't you receive the invitation in the mail? (hohoho... just joking ah....) We've never been so exclusive, that an invitation is required to turn up at our friday night meet ups. Friday nights are and have been open to all (for as long as i know). However, we do try to reach out an welcome those who seem new and/or lost in our cruiser section. I guess since you've always seem to be been dishing out advice and gems of wisdom, people probably thought u knew who were are and where to find us.
  15. Understand where u are coming from. But it is managable, it's just that u need to remember to manage it especially when it rains (it's easy to forget - at least for me). With such riding experience, there shouldn't be a problem at all for u.
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