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  1. Hi, I selling my chrome Sportster Slashcut muffler for $100. Very bassy but not too loud. Can fix on all new model of EFI Sportster. Clearing my storeroom, please whatsapp me at 90108849.
  2. hi, what metal polish you are using ?
  3. Take note of the change in date. Alright guys, time for a gathering! OKie, fact is, I have been away for too long and need a ride, hence the proposed outing. Some caveats: 1. This is an open invitation for gathering. All HD families are welcome (Dyna, Sportster, Touring, Softtails, Vrods). 2. Come at your own risk (you know what I mean). There will not be any secret SMS to inform you about time and place. It will all be posted here. Objective is just for like-minded bike lovers to gather, have fun and clock some mileage. Also nice to put a face to the screen names. Date: 6 Oct (Sa
  4. Which workshop can I go to relocate my ERP from the handlerbar ? How much will that cost ? One of the workshop qoute me $90 for a poorly fabricated bracket and it will need half a day to do it.
  5. where do you do the powdercoating ? how much will it cost ? I am thinking of doing it for my fork legs and other parts.
  6. I miss the sound of the carb engine .. it sound so different with a EFI engine ..
  7. there some fake posting on the harley unsed bike sale .. there no contact number for the seller .. leave PM or Email also never reply.

    There should be manadatory field for contacts

  8. Any one selling 2006 or 2008 sportster for $1200 ?
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