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  1. Price dropped to 10k negotiable! Looking to clear or else will be pushed to bike shop! my loss is your gain!!
  2. Picture uploaded!! bike to clear!!
  3. Hi All, Selling my beloved 2010 Kawasaki Versys 650 due to underutilization. Bike has been reliable in the past 3 years. Super easy to maintain with just 2 cylinders instead of the usual 4. Good for commuting daily. Servicing has always been done at Planet Motors. Current mileage around 68k. Selling at $9k slightly negotiable. Bike is still under HP but I will settle with the bike shop. Please contact 9853 3973 for more info!
  4. hey bro..i have stock.. now i just have the ims lying around..

  5. Trade ur ims tank to my stock?

  6. hi bro ...r u still still selling ur fs delta...got cert?can sms me at 98480155

  7. Hi all,


    Im looking to sell my mfizz black helmet full face, M size. Only used it a couple of times for karting but no more. Interested pls sms at 98533973.


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