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  1. Thank you for your query.


    The coolant (SuperCool) that we sell at our service stations is not

    silicate free (it's has low silicate content). The majority of the

    vehicles in Singapore is still able to use this coolant. It will

    not cause premature wear of water pump seals or radiator passages blockage.

    The advantage of using silicate free coolant (also known as Organic acid

    coolant) is that it offers longer drain interval advantage. We have such

    a product in Europe but has yet to bring into S'pore due to lack of demand.


    Please feel free to contact us for any further clarification.


    With Best Regards

    Jimmy Tan P H

    Technical Services Manager, Singapore

    Tel : +(65) 6263 2032 Mobile : +(65) 9782 0171

    Fax : +(65) 6263 2049

    e-mail : [email protected]

  2. On my FireBlade, when I'm stationary under hot sun, it maxes to 102 celcius During riding, the temperature ranges from 80+ to 90+ celcius, never below. I'll be happy to get between 50-80.


    This could be due to the climate here. What are the temperature readings on you guys' bikes? Care to share?


    Bike Model:

    Stationary Temperature Range:

    Riding Temperature Range:

  3. This is found on my bike manual.




    The drive chain in this omtorcycle is equipped with small O-rings between the link plates. These O-rings retain grease inside the chain to improve its service life. The O-rings in this chain can be damaged by steam cleaning, high pressure washers, and certain solvents. Clean the side surfaces of the chain with a dry cloth. DO NOT brush the rubber O-rings. Brushing will damage them. Wipe dry and lubricate only with SAE 80 or 90 gear oil. Commercial chain lubricants may contain solvents which could damage rubber O-rings.

  4. Hi all, the following article is extracted from SGbikers' forum. I did not write it.



    Let me forewarn all u young/middling/old motorcycle purchasers out there : I have purchased in excess of 30 bikes in this countryin the last 12 yrs and still am on my guard with the local bike shops. There are no great shops in SIN, only those which suit certain needs and certain people better. There is no govermental oversight of the industry and therefore the dealers are free to run riot when contracting with poor souls. Note the following :


    1. Beware parallel importers whose prices may seem attractive when buying but toward whom u will have no legal recourse as no warranty is prrovided on their bikes. Do not fall for their tales of personal warrantyship from their shops.


    2. In fact warranties are often not honoured even byt the distributing shops - get in touch with MANUFACTURER if this fate befalls u.


    3. Repossession can occur even if u've crashed/lost/become disinterested in the bike or even if u've passed away. HP obligations do not stop simply because u've lost a leg. So think thrice before u enter a HP agreement.


    4. MSC - the youth among u may think the son in this shop is easier to deal with - but he is is the greater liar n cheat amonst the two proprietors.


    5. MAH Pte. Ltd. and all its franchises ie. DeXing, Fast Freddies, Lee's, Belwin etc are ignorant asses. They've lied n cheated to many of my friends n I, only beginning to dote on us when the wallets r drawn. This group often make promises they can't keep and change tack when they find your demands not to their best interest.


    5. Check and warn the dealer that the price quoted is an ALL IN price. This should include

    - Insurance (avery large variable - call the insurer after the shop gets u the quote) - if the bike is on HP it must be insured COMPREHENSIVELY - NB if u write it off, u'll b paying for something u don't have for the next 1-5 yrs. No2nd / 3rd party crap!

    - COE - get a guaranteed price - if told to wait for bidding subject that to writing and a defnite date.

    - DEPOSITS on bikes that r "DUE" to arrive - ell them the contract is off if they don't deliver by a stipulated date. If possible give them a post dated cheque or credit card imprint that can be cancelled at your behest

    - HP - don't get into the trap of full settlement penalties. These can turn a $25k R1 into a $32K bike which u'll then never sell. The best way is to hold the dealer to a trade in deal or choose a company with good rebates like HITACHI credit. Shops to beware : LOOI's and MAH (MSC to a lesser extent but r no angels). Also keep a good record or u'll have difficulty getting a loan again on another bike. Check at 1st instance whether u may need a guarantor - this will speed up the process.

    - Ignore promises of free servicing etc. as part of the deal - mostly they're lies and labour is normally free anyway at most shops except at MINERVA (ducati) and Harley Davidson. A friend put his bike into Ducati for the 10k service and they billed him without any explanation for $780. When he demanded a breakdown they said 300 for parts and 380 for labour !! Another guy put his crashed 916 in for repair and they waited 8 months before commencing the work, all the while lying to him that it was in progress.

    - NO AGREEMENT FEES - this is not normally charged so exclude it

    - ERP DEVICE - ensure that it's included

    - PAYING CASH - this isn't the great advantage it seems. When u want to trade in the dealer has u over a barrel because he can pay u anything he wants. NB bikes are very hard to sell privately - what do say when some ex con wants a test ride eh?

    - REPOSSESSION- check who is giving u the loan on the HP - if the bike shop itself is doing it they have a burden if they repossess. Alternartively if a Finance company does it then they have the burden and are generally less quick to repossess


    I could go n on but the point will be lost. They are all bastards, so u have to make a choice - do u want to stop riding just cause u get ripped off? Instead, do some legwork, lay down the terms explicitly and don't sign if they r not satisfiable with your circumstances. If all goes pearshaped and u know u r right, get legal advice - often the 1st consultation is free - don't let these bike dealers off the hook by taking your dosh!!


    Maintenance - good shops are JEEP CHEE motors in UBI (there r 2 - the one u want is down the road from MSC n DeXing - toward the end of the one way street) the guys are Ah Lai and Raymond.


    Fabian Looi's at Tampines industrail estate is also said to b good


    With all shops - stand there and watch the work done if u can.


    Ride safe lads.

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