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  1. Yeah, so far my favorite. Met Zee at Mah yesterday, he said the 08 Blade coming only in May.
  2. Scorpion exhaust, what do you guys think? I think they are all real ugly. http://www.scorpion-exhausts.com/uploads/vehicles/bikes/CBR%201000%20Close%20up%20side%20view%20Carbon-Carbon%20lores.jpg http://www.scorpion-exhausts.com/uploads/vehicles/bikes/Flame%20Ti%20side%20view%20lores.jpg
  3. Should be a right turn, not left. What was I thinking.
  4. Don't ask me out in the open pls, later someone here may quote me, then use whatever they learn here to bang tables. Haha.
  5. I may have seen it in Mah, stashed somewhere on a shelve.
  6. Something to whet your appetite.
  7. Thanks for the links. MV Agusta was supposed to be there, but the engine broke down. Believe it or not, a local dealer has been telling me the issues and support they've been getting from MV, it's just not worth getting one for everyday ride. I remember an F4 at the SG Expo few years back was leaking green stuffs onto the fairing & floor.
  8. The price won't be out until the bike comes to our shores.
  9. The 08 Blade is King! Big 4 Road Test. http://www.1000rr.net/forums/showthread.php?t=43555&page=3
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