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  1. Hi im riding an 05 model and im currently using remus pipe.. I am thinking of changing to arrow or scorpion but im not really sure.. Those of u who are really experience in cbr can help me?? Which one is better ?? If can i wan loud one oso.. Thank you very much... Can also tell me the difference between those two to my remus???

    It depends how you define better. Are you not happy with Remus?

    Will anything harmful happen to a cbr1000 when fitted with HID headlights?

    Not if done correctly, but it can be annoying to other road users if not fitted properly.

    I just got a cbr 1000 2007 and loving it! ;)

    Just a question... I've got a lobang selling integrated tailight for cbr 1000 for $80...

    Is it cheap? Would you guys like to combine order as a bulk?

    Sounds cheap. I've seen it, not my taste though, good luck.

    hi.. i have difficulties looking for CBR1000 '05 one-seater (cover).. any assistance??

    Are you looking for original? Some Blader had one to give away some months back.

  2. The CBR1000rr have always been a lookout for me but it's colour, sadly.. Then now the 2012 version no Repsol colour scheme. Makes it worst man.. =/


    Repsol might make a comeback in 2013 if history repeats itself, not to worry. The 2010 HRC color is one of the most beautiful Blade ever made. Watch this.



    i Think its a HRC Tri Color blade but i didnt blew past him . he was at my back and i accidentally blew my pipe cause my gear stuck to neutral. DAMN! i was riding an s4 btw so it would be stupid of me to go race again a blade. all respect to him though..


    I think you blew past a policeman. The HRC riders I know are pretty cool people, so I think you have noting to worry about. :cheers:

  3. just wanted to come here , dunoe if the specific rider is an sbf member, if u r then i wanna apologise again jus now if i accidentally blow my pipe on u as my bike gear shift is dented so i didnt managed to kick in to gear 2 n hit neutral.. a miscommunication and understanding happened and we ended up having a feud.. im sincerely sorry if it sparked u.. anyways wanted to say ur cbr1000rr looks fierce..


    Was it a HRC Tri-color Blade that you blew past?


    Are you riding a GSX-R600 or a moped? I heard from the rider that the former tried to race him and a moped cut into his lane dangerously, on the same day. :cheeky:

  4. Hello people (= can I ask about the price for cbr? Does anyone know what is the price range for cbr600 and cbr1000rr? For brand new and used bike for diff year? but I don't know which year of the cbr is more worth to buy I still new haha


    Try to get the 1000 from 2008 onwards. 2nd hand from 24k onwards. New one would be 30k.

  5. experience the same problem while riding in city area , everytime i hit a traffic light the temp will go up to 104 ~ 108 but after moving off the temp will drop back to 98. is this normal ?


    Yeah, it's normal for big cc sports bike, and it should drop to 80 plus on expressways without much traffic.

  6. hello peeps!

    i'm a new rider for cbr1000rr

    hope i can get some good advices from you guys here when i come across with any problems with my bike


    right now it has something to do with my front wheel

    it gives off squeaking sounds while moving

    it might be either my callipers or discs i'm not sure

    help me out


    and recently i just removed my handle balancers coz i found out one was missing

    it affected my riding quite a lot mostly while negotiating a bend

    is that the real purpose of having balancers?

    i remember riding my rxz without balancers and it doesnt affect much

    advices will be greatly appreciated





    Hey Han, welcome! It could be a few things, it could be your bearings are worn, or maybe the suspension setup on the front forks are not balanced, go have a suspension setup done at a shop.

  7. Hi,previously i enquired about an f-i blinking code on my 08 cbr1000 and it was a map sensor malfunction code,but when i went to workshop the code when off and the workshop not sure i its a map sensor and i just leave it is.a mth later i came back from overseas now i find my bike auto choke not werking,as u all know when the engine is cool it will auto high rev until certain temp the rpm goes down normal to 1.3rpm..but now it will high rev for a moment n slowly the engine will die off and sometime at certain rpm 3 to 4 my bike will precipitate for few secs,i just changed my spark plug n service my f-i but this thing still occur...is it becoz of my map sensor or something else? I hope u guys can help me out here,thx!


    Which bike shop did you send to? I think for serious issues like this, send to BS, some of them do go for training in Honda Japan, but send in early, otherwise have to wait. Also you may have to leave your bike there.

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