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  1. Dear bladers! I need need to clarify one thing about fuel injector indicator. Im riding cbr1000 08 n going 3yrs this june.last month my f i indicator was blingking and turn on after i engage to gear one and when i off my engine n start again the indicator went off. And today its happening again..i realise this happen when i ride my bike 170+ km the next morning this indicaotr will light up and my rpm is at 1.2 only...u guys encounter dis b4? I haf not service my f i since i bought it...any help guys??? Thx!


    When that light comes on, it's not a good sign, send it in immediately before anything happens.

  2. Hi all, need all fireblade lao jiaos to help me out. I am looking at buying a 2004 CBR1000RR with 2X XXX mileage only. Condition is original color black with arrow exhaust. Was quoted 12K. Is this a good buy? Most important thing is 2004 Fireblade is it a problematic bike? Thanks for replying.


    Unfortunately a lot of them has a stator issue. Unless the shop wants to warrant against it, then don't get it.

  3. Bro yatz, i dun think at our level of riding, we cnt really differeciate da diff in 5 horsepower so any exhaust will do good. Even in stock, we cnt really fully utilise da bike power. So its more of guts. Just my 2 cents worth n i personally prefer leo vince.. :)


    Actually if one is quite used to the bike, you can feel the difference. At the point of the curve where there's the biggest gain between stock and aftermarket exhaust, you can feel the surge or pull.


    I've come to know 1 guy who is so sensitive he can even feel the difference in petrol or engine oil used.

  4. how much for the carbon arrow bro?jus the slip on..and where to get it.?


    BikeTech21, or you can self order from the net like, redracingparts.com.


    You have to check with BikeTech for the price though.

  5. Anyone knows how much can i sell my o5 repsol edition???

    9k maybe.


    bikeshop taking my bike for 15k..but the new cbr cost a bomb..trading mine to get the cbr 2011 black soon..new bike all in about 30k nw..


    btw arrow pipe or leo vince better eh?

    Arrow ... in terms of performance.

  6. Jorge Lorenzo: Honda Scares Me


    Our friends at Solo Moto have published a new interview with Jorge Lorenzo, in which he expresses great concern about the competitiveness of Yamaha, and everyone else for that matter, with Honda in the upcoming MotoGP series. When Honda took the top four spots on the final day of testing at Sepang recently, not only with Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa, but with riders who don’t normally appear at the top of the timesheets, Lorenzo and others certainly took note.



    Lorenzo says Honda has more horsepower than anyone right now, with Ducati second and Yamaha third. He also feels the Honda is very easy to ride, and handles well virtually everywhere on the track. Right now, he indicates Yamaha is focusing on finding more horsepower, but he does not expect a new engine for the start of the series.

  7. next best pipe to purchase will be Akraprovic..the best performance pipe..however it dig ur pocket deep.. :-)


    How do you define best? Those days, ppl who rode RR4 or RR5 regretted getting it, only 1hp increase at the top end.


    Screen shot 2011-02-16 at PM 05.02.00.png

  8. Bro..i Have exactly the same prob as u..he said 2 weeks too..i wait 3 months..at last..took back the deposit..cus he break the promise..tellin me nid to reserve as very fast finish..but damn..at last bought the Gi pro..


    LOL, same story from years back, still the same old guy.

  9. The weather forecast says expect a wet CNY. Water is a good sign during CNY anyway. I was hoping to take the Blade out for a short blast after the roads dried up, but it rained again. Hopefully the batt won't die on me.


    Happy CNY guys, I will be away again.

  10. Hi guys! i'm new 2 this forum therefore not sure if i'm posting this msg in the rite place.jus wanna gain sum info on a issue which is buggin me..i own a 2008 cbr 1000 n changed the exhaust 2 a akra full sys recently...durin this change,the mechanic removed the o2 sensor cable...this is bcos the fi light keept flashin if the o2 sensor was plugged in wif the new exhaust sys..moreover the akra full sys doesn't hav an inlet 2 plug in the o2 sensor cable..any1 of u bros can enlighten me on this issue? thanks n regards!!!

    It's not an issue. I heard someone who has a grand pipe did the same thing.

    Wah akra f/s .. ! Think must wait for others to come online to reply u lol

    @Tashi - Heng nvr go north else we will be drenched !

    I checked the weather this morning and cancelled it with a friend. Hope to have some nice weather tomorrow.

  11. wat size bro? haha maybe a little too late i got me a stealth le



    try AGV helemt some time back..

    but the inner cushion dun suit mi..

    the moment i wear, i feel 2 pressure acting on my head..



    My friend also complained that the padding at the forehead is too thick, when crouched down, it blocks the field of vision.

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