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  1. So far all my fullface are Arais as the fit is perfect & comfortable for me.... I will still stick to Arai, personally....


    For helmets I would say its more of personal preference as well as comfort level & fit when you wear it....


    I'll tell you why I don't like Arai. The visor is hard to remove, hurts my thumbs every time I try to remove them. Also opening and closing the visor (a simple day to day operation) scratches the visor at the sides, to me that is a serious design flaw. The insides of the side pods also collect insects and grime over time, popping them open to get them cleaned runs a risk of breaking the clips on the insides, more design flaws if you ask me.


    The sponge loses shape quickly and helmet becomes loose. My Shoei still fits well after all these years.


    Also if you've removed the inner lining for both helmets for washing before, you can tell the Shoei lining is more well made, and a lot of thought has been put into making the removal and re-installation simple. The Arai one looks really cheap and clumsy.


    What I do like about Arai is the side to side width is slimmer.


    The joy of holding a quality product, just admiring the finish, the engineering, is so satisfying. Something I can't get out of an Arai, no matter how hard I try.


    Haha seem like shoei is a good one, tashi gt any place to recommend to get one??


    I got my X11 at Regina. If you're there, can you check for me if XR1100 is available. I like the integrated spoiler, thanks.

  2. The polo tee design is at the stage of finalizing (unless someone can contribute more?) Thus, Hideaway aka Roberto would like to see how many ppl here are interested in our TEAM WOOPA polo tee.


    1. Hideaway

    2. mahzse

    3. Okada17

    4. Blackant

    5. Akalapovic

    6. Cypher ( Akalapovic's friend )

    7. Naughty

    8. Atremis

    9. mx_catfish

    10. Aalex82

    11. kang

    12. Coldfusion

    13. Tashi














  3. siann .. just pumped full tank 15.5 litre .. ytd really run until dry .. until the meter blinking at 2.0 .. haha .. now the bike so heavy !


    When you pump 17.4L, that is when it is dry. Looks like you have 1.9L left in the tank, which is good for another 30 plus km. Your reserve is quite an accurate 4L, with 0.1L for evaporation.

  4. I'm usually quite conservative with my throttle, before 4k I'll up gear already, cause I wanna see how much I can get out of the bike. Only sometimes trigger happy and itchy finger...


    Is there any part that can be serviced or replaced to help wif the FC? Or will getting a power abuser etc help?


    Try a fuel nozzle cleaner and see if you are getting nay results, you know, those stuffs you empty into the fuel tank.

  5. Wow, that's a price of a '07 Streetfighter S!


    But the Streetfighter can't touch the Blade IMO.


    ESPN wanted to do a program on an Italian bike once, they wanted someone local to review the bike and was talking to me about it. I asked if I could live with the bike for 2 weeks so I can do a proper review.


    The answer I got (from this lady) was, "Well, a bike journalist in Europe had already done the review and said good things about it. I trust him because he rides a Brutale".


    In my mind, I was like, WTF?

  6. @ColdFusion - What's the size of your rear tire, 190/55?


    When I changed to M5 Interact, I specifically asked for 190/50, but I just checked, my Blade is fitted with 55 rear profile, 6.126cm larger circumference. What this means is, I am actually riding faster, covering more distance and using more fuel than indicated on the clock.


    Gulp. I should call up BS and tell them I screwed up. :sweat:


    I should add another couple of hp to the dyno chart reading. :cheeky:

  7. Erm if for normal riding also can use mobil 1 uh??


    LOL, what do you mean by normal? We all ride this bike normally. Mobil 1 is fine.


    It's nice to finally put a face to all these nicks that we've been so used to on this thread.


    The memories I have for this outing are, everyone's mouth is gaping wide, either from stuffing food or laughing out loud. :cheeky:


    Everyone just got along easily, this really is a fantastic group of riders! Give yourself a pat on the back.

  8. I on the other hand, was glad that I didn't lose anything precious (Yes, my butt is still a virgin).


    I kinda borrowed it from Grandmaster @Tashi.... Lmao


    OMG!!! Your nose and ears are not virgin??? Hahahahahaha.


    For being the Roberto of the year, you get the golden carrot award! :cheers:

  9. How much u paid? You can PM me. I think I just got ROBERTO.


    Next time ask me to go with you.


    When you see him again, ask him about this legendary Blader who got LTA to approve a homologated Arrow without rivet, something he could not achieve.


    He still owes this Blader a meal.

  10. Talking about a SSDC instructor reminds me of a true story.


    When my gf was taking her theory, an instructor asked the class if there is a motorcycle with reverse gear.


    When my gf replied with a confident "Yes", the whole classroom bursted out with laughter.


    So the instructor asked again, which motorcycle has reverse gear, and she replied, "Goldwing!"


    "This girl is right" he responded. The whole classroom fell into a dead silence.


    so what is the moral of the story?



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