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  1. Price revised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Very rare bike. This is the last version of the Gen 1 Aprilia RSV1000 Factory. Asking $9,188 NEG It comes with radial Brembo calipers and big valve engine. Factory models comes with OZ racing rims, Ohlins Forks, Ohlins shocks, Ohlins steering damper and Brembo braking system front and back. COE expiry is Jun 2023. Maintenance: Top Overhaul (valve clearance & cam timing) and major service just done with receipt to proof. Ohlins suspension serviced 2 years ago Rectifier replace with moffset rectifier New chain and sprockets Pirelli SC2 tyres Mods: CRG brake and clutch lever S
  3. I used a 110V vacuum cleaner before in SG. Had to buy a step down transformer. damn heavy and cost about $100 plus so not practical having to carry the transformer to the track
  4. the bike is nice and will raise the bar for 2011. too bad the agent here is :nono:
  5. i rode the 08 fz6 before. the engine is very high rev. feels gutless below 7k rpm plus the suspension has only preload adjustment. go for the fz1 instead
  6. Hi there,

    where can i get more information on Rev Club? Might want to join one of their track days in the future. Thanks

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