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  1. Year of Manufacture 2011 Registration: Oct 2011 Colour : Artic White Mileage: Approx 43k km - Give away trax black back box - 6 Months road tax - Ermax Touring Windshield - Comes with Original side panniers - New battery - In good condition The Multistrada is well acknowledged as one of the best touring bikes ever, combining both power and agility, in sport and touring mode the bike produces 150BHP with handling and braking to match, this bike will out perform many sport bike models. This mode comes with electronic adjustable ohlins. All mechanical and electrical parts are in
  2. Well, it is more on case to case basis. If I were to be more stringent, I would not have accepted your guarantor criteria. I did not mention to you as I did consider other factors too. Anyway, happy riding with your MS.

  3. Yes. It would be good for new customers so that they can come prepared and your posting online will save you repeating the same story over and over and over...........

  4. Bro, settled....

  5. Hi BP, my no. is 9199 2019. Regarding the documents required and waiting time for transfer n loan application.

  6. Leos

    For your Concourse 14

  7. CMYRS

    Hi Leos, I have cleared my PM, i do not know why you are unable to send me msg.

    Sorry, what price are you referring to? I have bikes and other items on sale at SBF.

  8. Leos

    How much you looking at?

  9. Leos

    How much you looking at?

  10. Leos

    How much you looking at?

  11. bro, how much for just ur mirrors?

  12. i use double sided sticky tape. once sticky no more(i.e. gd for 1 time use), just replace with new sticky tape. good for up to 89.99km/h. i have lost countless phones but this is probably the cheapest mounts u can get!
  13. the nissan pulsar, it just keeps on going, what a workhorse.
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