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  1. i just read throught froum about demerit points you seem to know alot about this. i got caught for speeding, waiting for court letter. cause 70/km/h i ride 130km/h and i got need to deduct 18 point. but i'm still on p-plate. i had class 3 too but both also on p plate. dont you know what the outcome?

  2. hi jamez.. hope to join your ranks as a harley rider 1 day...love the sound of a harley... so you like slayer eh? reign in blood?? haahaa...
  3. harleys! my ultimate ride... still starting off with my bike license though...everyone has to start..isnt it? i read somewhere that harleys are not a bike...it is a lifestyle. no one tattoos honda or suzuki logos..but people do HD logos...find it really meaningful....
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