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  1. i just read throught froum about demerit points you seem to know alot about this. i got caught for speeding, waiting for court letter. cause 70/km/h i ride 130km/h and i got need to deduct 18 point. but i'm still on p-plate. i had class 3 too but both also on p plate. dont you know what the outcome?

  2. try this fella he has done a few doblos with very good results before.
  3. 03 model is 1.7 DTI..rear drum brakes.. 1.7 CDTI is 4 disc brakes.
  4. diesle prices has been hitting the roofs in recent times...darn.. but 1 thing for sure...diesel consumption will alway be better than petrol due to the make up of the engine..compression vs ignition. i drive a 4 year old combo..and im still getting 16km to the litre...used to be 18km when it was 2.5 years old.. i believe when my EDU & fuel pipes are changed..my consumption will improve again.
  5. there are 2 caltex stations in s'pore which offer a larger diesel discount than normal caltex stations... try asking the people here
  6. try this place.. post your question there..someone might be able to answer your query.
  7. here is a new place for van owners to chat...http://everylovers.8.forumer.com/index.php
  8. sorry..but pickup means accelerating from a lower speed to a higher speed.. get up to speed liao...of course no problem lah... car manufacturers will only show on their catalogue the 0-100kmh time...not many will show the 60-100kmh timing...the essential part is the moving off...how long will it take to rev enough to pull away... looks like you really love you car... anyway to the threadstarter......it all depends on budget lah...and what kind of car you are looking for. what are your priorities? space? fuel consumption? availability of mods? comfort? list down your priorities....and see which car fulfills most of it...that should be the car for you...consider carefully though...buying a car is a long term committment...
  9. wonder if http://everylovers.8.forumer.com/index.php will interest you guys...
  10. although both their logos are "h"s...its definitely honda for me...
  11. ic... no offence...but nowadays..soundstream is nowhere near what they used to be.... anyway...digital tv antenna nowadaysquite cheap lah......last i heard was a Bosch going for ard $500+.. but if my memory served me correct...you can only view Channel 5, 8, Channelnewsasia and TV mobile...
  12. spider sound system? new brand? or is it sound stream?
  13. well well....right & not right... mine came with original alloy rims...or so called sports rims...so its definitely ok... other than that...unless a permit is granted & vehicle sent for inspection...yes its illegal...but they are not too hard on that....
  14. hahaa...i knew u will find your way here ming... finally a forum where i have more posts than you.... guys...if you see a doblo with monster 17" schumacher limited edition rims...you know the man....
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