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  1. finally i found u here..!!

  2. yo bro.. where did u do ur 24k servicing? Mine's slightly over 24k too n in need of servicing. btw, wad was on the 24k servicing?
  3. woah cool man!! juz went to da website.. now it leads me to wonder the price tag of this system.
  4. hahaha.. so fast selling? I was juz savoring n enjoying every moment of it.
  5. i'm gonna chg me coolant to engine ice on the next servicing. In fact, I've got lots to chg on the next servicing..
  6. tks dude.. but guess i wun be adding anymore gadgets at e moment.. thanks anyway!
  7. Such a long wait.. do savor ever moment with it. Sorry i could only come online to reply only today but wad i wanted to say was while installing the windshield, the rubber plug gets quite difficult to handle at times.. The solution in which it'll enable u to betta extract and install those plugs is to use soap water. It gives the rubber enuff lubrication to slip in and outta da opening.
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