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  1. Hi all, Thinking of upgrading to a more powerful ride thus selling or trading my scoot with an adventure tourer. Details as follows: Make - BMW C650GT Registration Year - 2014 Colour - Brown Mileage - 65k Remarks: - Bike comes with a bidded number plate, going with bike - Major servicing and maintenance done by authorised workshop - LED BMW emblems installed - GPS bracket and holder - Big foot extended side stand - Hepco Becker top box rack Going for $13.5k all in or trade with a bigger cc bike, preferably an adventure tourer with top up or down. Whatsapp 8138 8062.
  2. bro really interested in the 2300 cruiser.if free pm me k.thanx bro

  3. papaSHANGO!: Call them lor.. Depends on which type.. 200+
  4. papaSHANGO!: Power Bronze carries them.. Check out BikeTech21 @ Dunlop Street along Jalan Besar..
  5. Hey Kumar, I won't be around on 9th July.. Possible to make it a week earlier?
  6. Hey, anyone knows the life of a cam tensioner? Over time, does it causes rattling sound at a certain RPM range? Any idea how much it costs to be replaced?
  7. xixy

    Kawasaki 1400s

    Duc thread must be Yenz lor..
  8. xixy

    Kawasaki 1400s

    All the guys are sleeping.. Some have migrated to the Super Tenere craze..
  9. xixy

    Asking price for?

  10. Kumar: Sounds coolz.. Thanks for the Mountain Dew & Cheeze Fries.. Yum.. StEeL: The next meet up, the biker with the most "stock" parts will have to buy drinks.. Haha..
  11. Yenz: I'd love to join your previous rides but you know where I work.. Since Dec last year, been doing 13 hour days.. Back to office on Saturday till late afternoon.. Sunday family day, what to do leh? My 14 has been sitting under the covers for a month liao.. At least I got to install the Danalli's on my '14.. I'll blast your 135 Concours with it.. Haha..
  12. Put me up for the time being.. I think I saw Ubais mass sms.. 16th Jan, Sun, Meet up of Kawa 14 riders. ZZR n GTR. Those free pls pop by. Location Kallang KFC. Time 2000hrs. 1. Kumar 2. Steel 3. Xixy
  13. xixy

    Kawasaki 1400s

    There's always Seng Kwang if you have slightly deeper pockets & looking for a quick & reliable fix..
  14. Agree with Yenz.. StEeL: Bro nE0 started the ZX14 thread which is now the Kawa1400 thread.. We've organized numerous outings before including one that was featured in the MotoCulture magazine.. Yenz, remember the one at East Coast? Over time, the community for the ZX was quite small & the GTR was not too large as well thus we decided to merge the thread.. Though Yenz, I've to say that recently the thread is biased towards the GTR leh.. Forgotten about the ZX gang liao.. Haha.. From previous meet ups, I think I know close to 10 ZX14 owners.. I'm riding an '08 ZZR1400.. Bling up to the
  15. I can see that Kumar is back in action..
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