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  1. Oct 15 2011 - Current : Daelim Roadwin R125

  2. saw a rwr at stirling road yesterday parked on the pavement. i think it was white as i was turning left while driving..anyone stays there?
  3. Thanks for the clarification! Waahh, i didnt know R125 is at 15k liao..power ex sia.
  4. cool bike! 13k+ OTR can also buy YZF R125. See whether you like jap or euro bah hehe
  5. Swee la bro! Just a whack question..how many of you guys got rwr 1st hand and how many of you got it 2nd hand?
  6. Ya man..tell us what ride you getting?
  7. Hi ice! Don't worry about it..i am sure you will be a very pro rider very soon after you ride long enough!
  8. Ok bro, thanks. Next time we meet up lim kopi and chit chat with kit kat. BTW, you guys know roughly how much is a 2nd hand RWR? Just doing some research so i know how to handle my stuff on the financial side of things. I comparing 1st hand and 2nd hand inclusive of change tires and brake pads. $$$ stuffs!!!
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